How To Survive A Music Festival

It’s just about that time of year again! When the sun comes out, the temperatures rise, shorts get shorter, shirts get more cropped and there’s more man tanks than ever seen before! Oh and did I forget to mention flash tats and flower headbands? You guessed it; we’re talking about some of the most common music festival trends! Summer music festivals are kicking into high gear with Osheaga, Ile Soniq, Escapade and much more! Some music festivals focus on one specific genre of music, while others deliver diverse lineups that appeal to a wider range of music lovers. Summer music festivals are an amazing time to experience the good weather, taste different types of food, meet new people and open your music horizons up to different producers and artists. As much fun and craziness these music festivities provide, they are in no means an easy task to accomplish, and require some thought out plans in order to safely and adequately enjoy your time! We’ve gone through the trouble of preparing a checklist of the top ten critical essentials and tips you will need in order to survive any summer music festival!

  1. Buy your tickets as soon as possible – we know that when it comes down to summer music festivals, tickets go out very quickly and the more time that passes from the release date, the more expensive they get!
  2. Wear sunscreen – you’ll be thanking us later when your skin is on fire and you can’t wear any clothes that touch your skin. As unpredictable as the weather gets, don’t allow yourself to be fooled by some hazy clouds, apply anyways!
  3. Water. Between the all the alcohol consumption, dancing and standing in the blazing sun, it is very easy to get sun stroke or feel light headed due to dehydration. Make sure to keep yourself hydrated so you have energy to party.
  4. Personal Hygiene Supplies – We know that these music festivals can last all day if not sometimes overnight and into the weekend, in that case, bringing along a toothbrush, toothpaste and hand sanitizer will definitely come in handy!
  5. Pack toilet paper – as silly as this sounds, it’s probably the one thing on your checklist you’ll be most thankful you brought with you. Once you break your seal, heading to the porta potties every hour is not going to be a fun experience especially when you get there and realize there is nothing to wipe yourself with..
  6. Get a portable phone charger – you’re not going to want to miss out on any of the action going on to find a random outlet to plug your phone into! This is key.
  7. Wear the right shoes – There’s nothing more aggravating then walking around in uncomfortable shoes especially when the parks that hold these music festivals are huge and you want to be dancing all day and night!
  8. Choose the right crew – There’s nothing worse than being with a group of downers when you’re in the mood to let loose and have a good time!
  9. Dress the part – It’s the summer and you’re going to a festival! Push your limits a little.
  10. Have fun – self-explanatory.

It is nearly impossible to have a bad time at a music festival, unless you choose not to follow this checklist and push your boundaries a little bit too much! Know you’re limits and drown yourself in the music and the good vibes all around you!


This is where you feel alive.

Would you consider choosing a filter a strength or a weakness of yours?

Are you feeling a little too pale this month? In need of a little “natural” contour on your face? Just adjust your Valencia or Mayfair filter and there you go, a whole new tanned and redefined you! I’m sure by now you are all aware of the ingenious app called Instagram, which has taken over every social media platform and communication forum. From sharing your pictures, adding cool effects and searching for people all over the world, this app has become a milestone in our modern media discoveries and technologies. This app has over 55 million photos added per day; 1.2 billion likes every day, and over 150 million monthly active users. This app became so popular that even music artists produced annoyingly catchy songs about it “Can you guys help me pick a filter? I don’t know if I should go with XX Pro or Valencia, I wanna look tan! What should my caption be? I want to be clever, LET ME TAKE ANOTHER SELFIE”.

Because of all the recognition, success and popularity this app has created for people around the world, businesses started to realize that Instagram was becoming a prime channel in building their brand and hosting their marketing strategies. Instagram allows you to engage and build your community. When you create an account on Instagram, whether personal or for a business, your content demonstrates who you are and sends out a message to the public eye. By posting pictures, creating hashtags, liking and replying to comments, you are creating communication between you and your followers. Instagram also allows businesses to create a visual medium. For example, Instagram has been a huge success in the fashion and food industry mainly because people enjoy viewing the clothing and food these companies stand behind. Instagrammers are drawn to your content. The more appealing your photographs are and the consistency of quality images the more followers you will maintain and draw in.

This app has revolutionized how businesses and people create identities for themselves. If you are an aspiring fashion designer, chef, hairdresser etc, your Instagram account can be used as your personal portfolio to advertise your talents to the public. If you are someone that has a passion or a talent that you are not confident in owning, that’s okay! Instagram gives you the user, an opportunity to remain low-key with your identity and still have a chance to express yourself freely. This app has taken social media networking to a whole other level. We can now share, create, design, communicate and even tap into the business world of marketing and branding by simply uploading a picture! Who would have thought that an app that was meant to be a forum for editing and sharing pictures could create a whole networking community throughout the world? #NotMe #Impressed


“Running a startup is for masochists who like being in challenging situations and are only happy when they’re really busy.”

When you hear the word “entrepreneur” what comes to mind? I’m sure something along the lines of running your own or several businesses, someone who can profitably solve a problem, embraces challenges, takes action and so on. When we think of some of the most well known entrepreneurs of our time we think of Bill Gates the founder of Microsoft, Mark Zuckerberg the founder of Facebook as well as Sam Walton the founder of Wal-Mart. If we look at the names listed above, we can recognize two common traits, one of them is that all of these entrepreneurs are male and the second is that these men all created their success during their mid twenties. One thing I can confidently assure you is that the most successful entrepreneurs are continuing to create their fortunes early on in their lifetime, however, the greatest change is that the demographics are no longer male heavy but rather female oriented and driven!

According to a recent article, Shark Tank investor Kevin O’Leary stated that the companies showing the highest profitably results are all being run by women, not men. Seeing that the working field has relatively always been male dominant, we decided to look further into these recent findings and discover what it is about young female entrepreneurs that are making them so successful in the business world. One recent female entrepreneur that caught our attention was twenty-six year old Lauren Kay. Lauren created a dating app after not being personally fulfilled with the ones already out there. She was recently published in Marie Claire’s latest June issue and gave her thoughts on what it was like balancing the life of as a woman and as a founder of her own company.

After reading Lauren’s honest and inspiring interview on running her own successful startup company, I decided to go ahead and ask my boss a few questions on her take and experience on being a female entrepreneur in a competitive market…

EB: Because you’re competing in an competitive market, what would you consider some of your unique qualities to make you stand out from your competition?

CM: Content. The content that we create for our clients is not generic. It is catered and produced specifically to the clients needs and identity of their business. I also started working when I was seventeen years old in the hospitality industry, which allowed me to learn what this specific type of business was like at a young age.

EB: What were some of your greatest fears creating your own company as a young woman?

CM: Failing! When I started working in this industry, I had someone guiding me in the right direction and giving me constructive tools. When I created my own business I realized I was on my own. I didn’t have anyone to turn to. I had to answer my own questions and conduct my own research!  As I woman I realized there would be certain areas I would have to power through in this business, but I was always confident that being a woman wouldn’t change the game.

EB: What has been a key motivational factor for you?

CM: Around the time I was started my business the term “Girl Boss” was coined. This phenomenon means being an independent woman that has her sh*t together, and I was determined to aspire to this title. Another motivational factor for me was definitely Montreal itself. I love this city for all the character it has and I was excited to market it to the outside world!

EB: Do you find it difficult to find a healthy balance between work life and your private life?

CM: There are definitely positive and negative aspects in having a time consuming and demanding job. One of the major downfalls is that I no longer want a crazy social life. Three years ago, I used to be able to go out three/ four times a week. Now it takes me around that time to recover from just one night out! Another aspect I find quite difficult is allowing myself to disconnect after a long day. My brain is always working and thinking of new ideas and strategies that it often creates problems within my relationships. As Lauren Kay states in her article “It helps to have a partner who understands not just the hours, but the emotional toll that a startup takes.” A positive aspect I have between my work and social life is that I have recently partnered up with a friend of mine. We are currently working on a new venture together as well as finding interactive ways to enhance and build up each others businesses.

As Costadina’s assistant I am looking forward to learning all the strategies and tactics that contribute to becoming a successful independent business woman.

#OITNB Season 3 Persona

In light of today’s Season 3 premiere, we welcome you to Litchfield’s personality overview.  Find out which bad-ass you resemble most!


Alex Vause

A badass with a soft interior #Fearless

You keep to yourself, but are constantly noticing your surroundings. You know how to get in and around situations without losing your cool. Translation: your hidden agenda leads to lots of manipulation and a snarky attitude that doesn’t always rub your peers the right way. But underneath your hard shell, you share a warm and loving side with those who you decide are worthy of it.


Piper Chapman

Innocent until proven guilty #ToughCookie

Your sense of adventure and love for people is a unique quality. You strive to not provoke and keep the peace with an open heart. However, you tend to be easily affected by your surroundings in the midst of the madness. Though you are soft on the outside, contrasting to Alex Vause, you’re a tough cookie.  When the tough gets going, the goodie two-shoes persona turns from innocent to obnoxiously self-righteous… real quick.  You gotta do what you gotta do.

crazy eyes

Suzanne “Crazy Eyes” Warren

Don’t let the name fool you #Underestimated

You are definitely crazy… crazy complex!  Let’s start unfolding those layers.  Your hidden intelligence is constantly underestimated which makes it hard for you to conform to what others expect. Little do they know, you are always 3 steps ahead. Your big heart is subject to quick and deep emotional attachments. Consequently, you protect the ones you love at any cost. Sometimes taking it to a crazy level.  Crazy smart and crazy compassionate, but the smallest setback will make you crazy self-conscious. Try not to be too hard on yourself.

Gloria Mendoza

Gloria Mendoza

“Prison is gluten. Don’t commit the crime if you can’t fucking have flour!” #Loyal

Mama bear type Numero Uno.  You are a fiery, funny and smart lady who is very protective of her girls… and her kitchen. Plain and simple, confrontation doesn’t scare you. Fair warning to Gloria’s coop: do not play her for a fool or get in her face!  Loyalty means the world to you, but not to everyone. Watch out for those because they have no problem manipulating you.  And yes, when your guard is down, you will fall for it. You’re only human.


Galina “Red” Reznikov

A force to be reckoned with. #Fierce

Mama bear type #2. You share similarities with Gloria but you two are still very different. Your motherly nature makes you come off sweeter, but if they only knew… You do not tolerate dishonourable behaviour and you teach your cubs to be the same. Those in your care always listen to you because of your intellect and matronly character.  In return, you are sentimental, fun and loving to them. But if you are crossed… they better run. You’re a strong believer in “if you knew better, you’d do better” and take any wrong move seriously.

Incarceration 101

Montreal’s Bordeaux prison holds up to 1,189 inmates at a time awaiting trial. Prisoners and jail guards are expected to follow basic rules and regulations to ensure safety within their confinements. After two seasons of Netflix’s Orange is the New Black, crazed fans of the show can safely draw some conclusions as to what you can and cannot do while incarcerated.

However, after last year’s slip-up, Mike Simoneau has given these rules a nice slap in the face after posting pictures on Facebook of his new-found frat-house.

While waiting for his sentencing after beating his victim 20 times with a baseball bat, Simoneau posted a picture of his 250$ bottle of cognac and apparent blunt with the caption “Xo and blunt living da jail life.”

Pictures have also been posted of the young man showing off his pecks and abs that he is working very hard to keep in shape.  His personal image may be looking fabulous but this raises the following questions: how is it possible that not a single security guard noticed what was going on when it is in fact their responsibility to avoid this behaviour? And what really goes on in our detention centers?

No comment has been released about this incident from September 2014 which is concerning (to say the least), but as Montrealer’s we would still love to know how this misconduct has been handled and how the community plans on preventing this kind of behaviour in the future? As the saying goes, “if you can’t do the time, don’t do the crime.”

Sweet Dreams Are Made of Cheese

Dear fellow readers,

For those of you who may suffer from the unfortunate eating restriction of being lactose intolerant, we encourage you to pop some Lactaid pills now because once you read the information we are about to share with you, you won’t be able to hold back for the sake of your future symptoms. It has become that time a year again when Montreal’s food trucks get ready to travel around the city for the summer, while sharing their variety of unique and delicious street cuisine with us hungry consumers!


Can you say cheese? One of this year’s major food truck markets is the cheese business. We’re talking anything from grilled cheese, mozzarella sticks, mac and cheese… they’ve got it! If you’re a big grilled cheese lover like I am, then this truck is a must on your “to eat” list! The P.A. & Gargantua truck specializes in gourmet “melt-in-your-mouth” grilled cheeses. We aren’t just talking about your average soft bread and melted orange Kraft single slices, these sandwiches also feature homemade slow-cooked brisket, sautéed and beer coated shallots as well as some old fashioned chili. If you aren’t feeling so adventurous in the cheese department, then you can’t go wrong with the best quality comfort food around town! From Le Cheese’s tomato soup with parmesan cheese to their tater tots and mac & cheese they can do no wrong! If you can’t make it to their food truck, then don’t miss out on stopping by at their location on Monkland!


In the mood for a little sweetness to satisfy that sweet tooth of yours? Look no further than Monsieur Crémeux’s food truck! I don’t know about you, but I have a serious weakness for vanilla soft ice cream and this truck has already got me putting on my looser pants! Monsieur Crémeux specializes in soft serve vanilla ice cream as well as delicious homemade toppings such as maple syrup and cracker jacks!


I can imagine that all this food tasting will be putting you into a food coma on the couch, however, we must find a way to carry on our day’s with our huge belly’s! In case of this situation occurring, we have the perfect solution for that afternoon pick me up! Dispatch Coffee is Montreal’s first moveable coffee truck that serves hot and cold espresso beverages at your door!


If you are reading this, it’s too late. We can hear those stomach rumbles from here! Go out and enjoy the delicious food Montreal has to offer! And for you lactose intolerant people…. I’m sorry we had to do this to you!

Take a Social Media Break & #Disconnect

Be a happier, healthier and more productive you!

Our phones make everything easier, faster and more efficient. But when does luxury become just another added stress? Here are some tips on how to & why you should disconnect and relieve you from the added stresses your outlet is giving you.

It won’t be easy, we know. But, in the long run, it’ll be so worth it.

Start the morning hands-free.

In a much simpler time, as depicted in the movies, children and adults would gather around the breakfast table, drink some o-j and coffee, read the paper and talk to each other… Face to Face.

Today, we wake up, check the phone. Brush teeth, check the phone. Shower, check the phone… see a pattern?

Before bed, leave your phone in any room other than your bedroom. Now for the challenge: don’t pick it up again until it’s time for you to leave for work. It’s the morning and anything that needs attention will still be there when you get to the office.

Take a night OFF

Off duty means OFF. Turn it off for the evening! Relieve yourself and enjoy what’s left of the day. When you clock out, the phone does too.

Live in the now.

Let’s be honest, the best nights are never candidly recorded. Why would they be when you’re having fun? These are moments you can never get back, so enjoy them. Grabbing a drink with the girls? Log off for the night. Instagram doesn’t care as much as you think it does and this exercise will prove it. Your friends will appreciate it and your followers WILL understand!

Strengthen your core & your mind.

When someone asks what your hobbies are and you find yourself blanking: this one is for you! Add activities to your schedule that don’t require mobile devices. Instead of spending your free time scrolling through your news feed why don’t you go rock-climbing, swimming, riding classes or even something as relaxing as yoga. Just saying, when you’re 20 feet above the ground, your phone will not be on your mind.

The whole point of taking some time off is to be HAPPY… Bare with us – Happiness ultimately comes from within. It isn’t about having what you want but wanting what you have. Enjoy your life and promise yourself to act on the tips you’ve just read. You’ll find yourself a lot happier and the outlet will quickly become less significant.