Oh, the places you’ll go!

For as long as I can remember I have always had a fascination with hot air balloons. I can’t quite pinpoint what exactly it was about them but I was always drawn to their uniqueness. I loved the idea of being able to view a city from high up above and feel untouchable. I imagined that you would feel a different type of freedom and adrenaline then you would normally feel being seated in an airplane.  I was also so intrigued by the shapes, sizes and colors these gigantic balloons came in as well as the fact that it was only lit by one strong powerful source of a burning flame! Frightening but yet enchanting.

DSC_0397 copy

This year I was fortunate enough to go to Canada’s international balloon festival held in Saint-Jean-Sur-Richelieu! The drive was a bit far from where I live, but totally worth every minute! My family and I all went, and we decided not to go into where all the attractions were being held, but rather we parked in an open field nearby and watched the hot air balloons take off from a distance!

DSC_0429 copy

Sitting in an open field on a beautiful summer evening and watching the balloons take off, was seriously a once in a lifetime moment! We were able to see each balloon rise just above the tips of the trees and take off into the air! Within every 15 seconds another balloon was released into the air! You watched all the balloons take off until they were too small and vanished into the distance of the clouds. After over one hundred balloons took off we got into our cars and started to head back home.

As we looked in the rearview mirror all we could see was a beautiful sunset and tiny black shapes in the sky as if the balloons were following us home!

Written by Emilie Berbrier.

Our Favourite Fashionistas

Who would have thought that by taking a picture of an outfit you wore to get coffee, go on a date or a night out with some girlfriends would earn you a solid living? Not me! We’re not just talking about your average OOTD post on Instagram, we’re talking about girls and guys who’ve taken their selfie game to the next level! Fashion blogs are all over the Internet. From high fashion looks to street-style wear to man repelling outfits, these fashionistas have turned their blogs into a career, and a pretty sick one if you ask me!

pic 1

It comes as no secret that many of these fashion bloggers live a very luxurious and adventurous lifestyle! They get to travel around the world to events, fashion shows and openings all in the expense of someone else. They get ridiculous clothing and accessories from top designer around the world and on top of it all, they get treated like a celebrity on social media by having thousands and some even millions of followers!

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But how is it that these bloggers have incomes soaring into the million-dollar range annually? Bloggers such as The Blonde Salad, Song Of Style, We Wore What and Bryanboy all use their social media platforms such as their blogs, Instagram and Facebook to generate income from affiliate sales, brand collaborations as well as appearances! In short, this means that bloggers make commission off of the products they feature or recommend on their pages.

pic 3

In a recent article in Harper’s Bazaar Magazine, Danielle Bernstein of We Wore What fashion blog, was interviewed on her success in the blogging world. She stated that the fashion industry claims to spend more than one billion dollars a year on sponsored Instagram posts to fashion bloggers! The fashion industry has now realized that there is a rapidly developing economy on Instagram, and if they want the ultimate exposure they need to give social media more attention!

Danielle claims that if you are a fashion blogger who has somewhere within the hundred-thousands of followers, you can make anywhere between $500 to $5,000 a post. If you’ve hit it big and you’re followers are anywhere beyond a million, you can make anywhere between $20,000 to $100,00 a post! How crazy is that!? In one picture some people are making more income than other peoples yearly salaries!!

pic 4

Fashion bloggers have completely taken full advantage of our social media platforms and have proven how strong the power of networking, marketing and digital communication can be! A picture as simple as sitting on a couch looking casual wearing a T-Shirt can be landing you your next car! So next time you want to make fun of someones selfie, just make sure you’re aware that these girls and guys behind the lens are probably wearing socks that cost more than your tuition!