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A Montreal-based boutique firm, Dreams MKTG provides clients with comprehensive social media strategies… wait a second, now we sound like every other social media marketing firm!

Let’s start over…


Based in a city that we love, enjoy, but most importantly understand, we here at Dreams MKTG are in the business of relationships. No we can’t help you find the next love of your life, but what we can do is help cultivate a relationship between your brand, and the customers that you wish to find and ultimately keep.

Dreams by MG


Have we peaked your interest? Good. Navigate through this awesome website for more information on how Dreams MKTG can help you.

What We Do

We know we may have been a little vague, but we got you here didn’t we? So what do we do? It’s simple, well we wish it was anyway…


Dreams By MG

In trying to give your company the perfect balance of Social Media Activity and online visibility, (i.e. old fashioned vs spam alert), Dreams MKTG will gauge your marketing needs and implement an effective online strategy.

Our #1 objective?

To make sure that you are actually using your online followers, and not just collecting them.


Social Media Strategy

Content Management

Social Media Campaigns

Dreams By MG

They say you should never judge a book by it’s cover… well that was great, when the internet wasn’t around.

Your website is you in a nutshell, make sure that it represents what your brand is all about.

Oh, and make sure it is pretty…

very pretty.


Website Design and Development

Content Management

Strategy & Analysis

Dreams By MG

If you’re not marketing online, well then you’re probably also using the phonebook for phone numbers.

Moral of the story?

Your online presence must be felt and it must be memorable, because let’s be honest, the attention span of the average online consumer is as small as… well you get it, it’s small.


Creating your identity

Logo Design Online

Marketing Strategy

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