10 Honest Thoughts About The Bachelor Season 21

It’s Monday night, which means time to put on some annoyingly addictive TV. We’re talking about the shows that you hate that you watch but you can’t go a week without keeping up to date. For us, that’s the Bachelor! I’ve been watching this show for years, and even though I find the dynamics and environment completely unrealistic in finding pure and relatable love, I can’t help but watch it and get attached to each contestant with every season that passes! So as an avid fan, I’m writing about some of my reoccurring thoughts and impressionable moments I’ve had during Nick’s season as the bachelor!

#1 Who is in charge of casting these women?!


From girls getting out of the limos in beautiful gowns, to wearing dolphin costumes, to another woman dismounting a camel while saying “I like to hump”, I seriously question whether half these women are here to actually “find love” or just for the show to make some money by ranking in some views.

#2 How do women have this many gowns?


This may be something that only I find myself asking pretty frequently throughout each season, but I’m serious! How do these women afford/ own all the gowns and cocktail dresses they need to wear on each rose ceremony and dates! They either borrow from all their girlfriends or take loans out from the banks to be able to buy all these amazing and bedazzled dresses!

#3 Nick’s level of casualty


Speaking of dressing up in gowns, is it just me or do you not find Nick particularly casually dressed throughout the entire season? During last week’s episode, Nick went on a one on one date with Danielle M. At the end of their evening they went for dinner and Danielle came out in this sexy red romper while Nick sat at dinner in a hoodie. Come on, you have a stylist on set with you, you aren’t paying for your clothing, can’t you put in a little bit of effort with your clothing at least?

#4 Why do they never eat the food

in front of them?

Of course when we go on dates, especially first dates, we tend to order food that is more attractive to eat! However, every single time Nick brings a woman on a dinner date, they end up sitting at a table with a plate of food in front of them and it’s never touched! Why take her to dinner if the food is just going to sit on the table looking all pretty?

#5 How much are they paying Corinne

to be on the show?

Whether you love her or hate her, you can’t help but laugh a little and enjoy the presence of the inappropriate and over the top Corinne. From her total diva moves, like refusing to clean up poop, her constant naps, and her ridiculously high (and clearly uncomfortable) Louboutin’s she is definitely high maintenance to say the least. However, somehow or another she’s managed to make it this far, but I’m not too certain it’s for her remarkable personality and maybe a little bit more for her Daddy’s million dollar company.

#6 The extravagant dates

Let’s be honest, if a guy picked you up from your house, brought you on a helicopter ride, spoiled you all day with champagne, hot tubs and delicious food, don’t you think the atmosphere itself would be doing a little bit too much work in making you fall for the guy right in front of you? Romance and sparks would definitely be flying if I felt like a princess on every date! But how about doing things that are more relatable like buying groceries and cooking a dinner together?

#7 The moment Corrine accused Vanessa

of not having depth..

This was an epic moment in last week’s episode! Corinne was feeling insecure that Vanessa got a one on one date and even congratulated her by calling her a “lucky bitch” with a snark attitude, and instead of distracting herself, she decided to rip on Vanessa’s character and call her shallow! Depth is working with special needs kids, it’s definitely not someone who works for her Dad and has a nanny at home! Gave me a good laugh!

#8 Leaving people on the island…

Every single season a moment like this seems to take place, and let me tell you it’s hilarious every time! As if going on a two on one wasn’t bad enough, one of the girls ends up getting dumped on the date and then watches as her ex-boyfriend gets to go off on a boat or helicopter ride as she sits by HERSELF on a deserted island. This is always one of the most dramatic scenes of the whole show.

#9 Nick do you need a tissue?

Just one? How about ten? This man is more emotional than me, and that’s saying a lot. I know this sounds slightly hypocritical considering most women search for a man who is more emotional and shows his feelings, but come on! Pull your shit together. If you’re crying every two seconds and second guessing if this whole process if even going to work, don’t you think that the women sitting in front of you, competing with each other to win you over are going to feel even more insecure? Take a breath and collect yourself, and grow a pair!

#10 Announcing the next bachelorette before

the show ends…


What is up with this? I was on Facebook and I stumbled upon multiple articles saying that Rachel was going to be the next Bachelorette! This totally threw me off and made me not watch Monday’s episode with as much intensity because I already know she doesn’t make it! Why can’t they just wait until after the final rose episode to announce it? They take away all the fun! But PS. I am super excited about the news and think she’s going to be a great bachelorette because she’s intelligent, beautiful and so well put together!

Happy Birthday Jen!

Today, this babe turns 48. Yup – you read that right F-O-U-R-T-Y- E-I-G-H-T.

In honour of her birthday we’d like to share some of our favourite Jennifer moments & why we love her.

#1 When she had to pretend to be engaged to impress her boss (oh boy have times changed)

#2 Pre- “we were on a break”

#3 Ultimate breakup revenge (also, great ad for Pepsi)

#4 Post – “we were on a break”

#5 When she could do more than cook

#6 When she did the Hula 

#7 When she proved she had “Unagi”

#8 When she proved she had a kinky side

#9 …and a sexy side

#10 Plus she’s an awesome friend (pun intended)

She’s also a really great writer – a must read in Huffington Post is her For The Record article. #WeLoveHer

How to meet your S.O. in 2017 (Part 2)

Via @CoupleGoals

Being single, taking care of yourself, and watching your career take off is a surefire way to be happy as can be. But at some point you may decide you’re ready to share that happiness with someone else, and are okay with the idea of sharing your life, home, fridge, and even (gasp) food with the right candidate. Whether you’ve been through too many bad dates, or got lost somewhere in the swipe-induced loophole, we’ve put together a guideline on how to get you out of the tinder dilemma and into a dating-pool of suitable options. You’ve already read our “How to Meet Your S.O. in 2017 Part 1”, so now let’s get to more tried and tested tips – Part 2.

Take Classes

Via Atelier et Saveurs

Via Atelier et Saveurs

With friends or alone, taking a class is a great way to meet people because you already share a common interest, which creates an automatic icebreaker for striking up conversation. Whether it be gym circuits, yoga, boxing, cooking classes, mixology workshops, a photography course, painting, dance, or even a language class, there’s a good chance you’ll develop a connection with one of your fellow classmates. *Opens google.*

Vernissages / Art Galleries / Exhibits

Via McCord Museum

Via McCord Museum

Vernissages and art shows can be fun even for the non-artsy, and Montreal’s Old Port is full of them. What’s usually a small semi-private gathering of 20-50 people, with a DJ, wine, and if you’re lucky – delicacies, can host an array of classy individuals. Since the vibe can be similar to a post-work 5a7 and the gathering is relatively small, the setting is perfect to meet a range of young and mid-aged professionals. Invite your new friends for a post-exhibit dinner, and who knows, perhaps you’ll be seeing one of them again.

However for those of us who are in fact art-savvy, meeting people at an art gallery or McCord Museum is super easy because you’re both standing there looking at the same thing. So why not strike up a conversation? Throw in a, “Do you know of any other exhibits in Montreal?” and there’s a good chance you’ll go check it out together.

Do Things Alone

Via Crew Collective & Café

Via Crew Collective & Café

What happens when you do things alone? You’re more likely to talk to people and people are more likely to talk to you. When you’re with friends, you’re less motivated to talk to a stranger, and people can be more intimidated to come up to you. However when you’re by yourself, it’s easier for someone to make a move and you’re more likely to start a conversation. Try going to Burgundy Lion by yourself to watch a hockey game, have a drink at your favourite restaurant’s bar, or just do some work at a gorgeous coffee shop like Crew Collective Cafe. You can even borrow your neighbor’s dog and hit up a dog park. The least you’ll get out of doing things alone is getting out of your comfort zone and feeling empowered af.

Weekend Ski Trip

Via Mont Tremblant Ski Resort

Via Mont Tremblant Ski Resort

The advantage to living in Montreal is that if ever you feel in need of a change, all you have to do is grab your friends and venture to one of our neighbouring ski towns, be it in Quebec or Vermont. Whether at the after-ski, mountain-top chalet, or ski town bars, there’s a good chance you’ll end up sitting next to someone you’ll be lured to get to know. And since Montrealers love to ski, the odds of meeting someone attractive are definitely in you favour.

Travel Solo

Via Club Med

Via Club Med

For those who feel they need a serious changeup in dating scenery, travel can be a great way to meet people. You’ll have less expectations and will be forced into situations where you’ll meet new people every step of your way. Consider getting a job abroad for a year or two. You’ll be sprung into an array of new social circles and coworkers, and with them, new dating options and hunting grounds. One of our friends met her now hubby (who happened to also be a Montrealer) while working at Club Med!

Sounds nerve racking? We get you, traveling alone does require a bit of ballsiness. But trust us, you’ll feel like you grew balls of steel once you get comfortable outside your comfort zone.

Happy hunting ladies and gents!

How to Meet Your S.O. in 2017 (Part 1)

Photo via @TheCoupleGoals

While we generally don’t recommend the mindset of “looking” for someone, because when you stop looking and focus instead on enjoying your life – that’s when love finds you. However you still need to make sure you give that love an opportunity to actually find you, and for that to happen, you need to get out there and mingle. Whether you’re ready to find your partner-in-crime or simply want to start dating, meeting someone in Montreal can be both an exciting and a daunting task. So how do we remove the daunting part and keep it exciting? Very simple: follow these guidelines…


Photo Via Like A Local https://www.likealocalguide.com/montreal/enso-yoga

Photo Via Like A Local

Fitness is a thing, which means lots of attractive individuals can be found doing it (no, not just the crossfit clan or devout yogis). So just like with bars, pick a gym with a vibe you like, and go on the regular. Before you know it, you’ll be catching the attention of an interesting someone, and they’ll be catching yours. Sooner or later, you’ll ask him to help you lift a super heavy weight (which you actually could have handled yourself), and he’ll be so happy you did. Or you’ll ask her to recommend a good class, and she’ll invite you to join her. And if they fall in love with you all sweaty and out-of-breath, you know they’re a keeper.

Lads, we’re sure you’ve already figured out that yoga and spinning studios are good spots to find women. Go on the regular and you just may score yourself a conversation that starts it all. And ladies, why not try a circuit-training or boxing class? Who knows, you may actually love it…

Our favourite fitness spots: Enso Yoga, Club Sportif MAA, CorexcellenceKlub Athletik Griffintown, B.Cycle Spin Studio.

Fundraiser Galas

Sugar Ball 2016-2

One of our favourite things about this city are all the galas (Ladies, all the reasons to show off those online shopping skills). Aside from supporting a good cause (yes, you can party and help your community at the same time), fundraiser galas are the best spots to network, hands down. Whether you’ll meet professionals that may be the 🔑 to your next career move, new friends, or your S.O. him/herself, between all those new encounters someone might introduce you to the one you’ve been patiently waiting for.

Our favourite galas: McCord Museum Sugar Ball, Kids for Kids, L’Affaire Papillon, Printemps du MAC, Les Jeunes Gouverneurs for Les Grands Ballets Canadiens.



Photo Via I Speak Up for Pit Bulls

Lads, the spotlight’s on you here. Volunteer at the SPCA or for a cause she’s passionate about, and you’ve already won a spot in her heart. Add some charm and good convo to the mix, and you’ve sealed the deal. And if you don’t meet someone there, you’re likely to melt the heart of whoever you do meet in the future with your charitable passions.  

Some spots we love to volunteer at: SPCA, any hospital, teach a language at La Maison de l’Amitié, YMCA


Yes, spas. Gentlemen, if you chose the right one, you’re likely to find squads of women frequenting for some quality time with their girls – at least some, if not all of which are likely to be single. Grab your boys, and you may find yourselves walking out with numbers. We’ve personally witnessed groups of women meeting and walking out of Bota Bota with groups of men.

Our favourite spa’s to meet people: Bota Bota, Scandinave Spa, SKYSPA


Montreal’s 5a7 scene isn’t your average happy hour, grab-a-pint-after-work routine. The city’s 5a7 vibe is truly incredible and oozing with young professionals. Every Thursday, 20-40 somethings from all over the city gather in a multitude of bars (and restaurants), in what has practically became a staple Montreal past-time.

Our advice? Grab your coworkers and go every thursday – you never know who they’ll bring along. That guy in accounting that you never talk to? Maybe he has a cute friend. So if someone invites you to join, go. While of course we all know that a good portion of 5a7 goers don’t exactly have serious relationships in mind, you never know who you’ll meet – the right person is lingering there somewhere in the crowd. Try different spots until you find one with a vibe you like. The best part is it’s so easy to meet people at these 5a7’s. Whether it’s just to network or scope out a catch, everyone generally enjoys the idea of meeting others – otherwise why be there?
Our favourite 5a7 spots: Hotel Nelligan Terrasse, The Coldroom, Hotel William Gray Terrasse, New City Gas Terrasse, Furco

Say Yes to Everything

The best way to meet people without re-downloading tinder (lets face it, you promised yourself you’d delete it for good 2 dates ago), is to say yes to every invitation you get. If you get out of your comfort zone and spend time with people who aren’t in your group of close friends, you never know who you’ll meet through them. Your sister invited you to an art-show with her friends? Go. Your best-mate invited you to play basketball with some buddies you’ve never met? Go. Your coworker invited you to her potluck dinner? Show up with wine. You get the gist.

Stay tuned for part 2 up next week! Happy hunting…

‘Tis The Season

‘Tis the season to be jolly, but it’s also the season to grab a cozy blanket, plop yourself on the couch and indulge in some good old fashioned holiday movies! We’re talking about the good old classics that were originally made for VCR’s (if anyone still remembers what that is) + some recent Christmas goodness. Thanks to the beauty of Netflix and the Internet you’re selection just got that much wider! But we’ve narrowed it down to our top 10 picks for this year’s holiday movie marathon!

#1 Elf 

Available on Netflix.

#2 Home Alone 1 or 2 or Both. 


#3 The Grinch



#4 The Santa Clausethe-santa-clausec


#5 The Polar Express


#6 Last Holiday 



#7 The Night Before


#8 The Holiday 



#9 National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation



#10 A Charlie Brown Christmas

Our Favorite Mannequin Challenges

From pouring a bucket of freezing cold water over your head in order to raise money for ALS or shoving a spoon of cinnamon down your throat without coughing to death, Internet challenges have become one of the latest social media trends and quite frankly, we’re loving it! With every video posted it encourages the next participant to one up it with some additional feature! The latest trending Internet challenge is the mannequin challenge! I don’t know what it is about this, but I seriously cannot get enough of this! This idea originated from a group of kids in a high school and then exploded within a couple of days!
How does it work? Well you gather up a group of people (could be a few people to a whole football team) and you tell everyone to strike a pose that looks like you were caught in mid action! Then, one person yells freeze and walks around recording everyone remaining as still as they can in order to look like real-life mannequins! From celebrities, to students this trend is becoming one of my all-time favorite challenges to ever hit the Internet!
Here are some of our favorite videos!

#5 Destiny’s Child

#4 Stephen & Ayesha Curry

#3 White House

#2 This Adorable Dog

#1 These Adorable Pooches

+ These Bonus Cuties

Written by Emilie Berbrier

The Lady’s Guide to Bumble

pict1Bumble really messed up our game when they decided that the lady has
to make the first move. I know it’s basically 2017 and we’re supposed to be feminists and all but it’s basic evolution; men are the hunters and women are gatherers. We need to get over it, it’s getting cold out and Bumble is the new Tinder. My girlfriend sent me this screen shot the other day and I instantly thought “shit, we need to step our game up”.

We laugh at the opposite sex’s pickup lines, but we need to look in the mirror. C’mon single ladies, let’s make Beyoncé proud!

I gathered up my research (bumble screen shots) and decided to compile a guide for the single women who mass bumbles the girl waving emoji. I know you’ve done it; screen shots don’t lie.

#1 Check out their profile



Majority of the time their profiles have an info section, which really helps us out on deciding if we’re going right or left. Pick something out from it and ask them a question, most questions don’t go unanswered. Bonus points if it’s a funny question. Since we’re all so hilarious let’s make our matches laugh. Once you’ve made him laugh, it’s over, you basically have a boyfriend. Just kidding you don’t, but trust me it’s a good start.


#2 Call them out



Be a badass b*tch. If you can’t think of any hilarious questions, call them out on something. All their pictures are group shots? Be like “You must be the balding one, but it’s okay I like shiny heads”. Kind of a back-handed compliment I know but how can they not respond to that? They have either a puppy or a baby in one of their pictures? “You must have done your research”, When they ask you what you’re talking about answer with “who’s baby did you borrow?”. They speak 45 different languages? Tell them they’re intimidating and this is f*cking bumble not their ivy league school application.


#3 Send a GIF

 pict5Okay so they’ve got nothing in their profile to work with. It’s all good, we can still do this. Who doesn’t like Gif’s? They’re funny as f*ck and pretty god damn relatable. You guys matched at 6am, what’s better then Jimmy Fallon waving good morning to you before you’ve had your coffee? Trust me Jimmy Fallon’s face is much cuter then mine when I wake up #relatable. You’re super PMS and feel like a beached whale naked in your bed with your heating pad? Send over the GIF of the seal waving “sup”, They’ll have no idea that it’s your spirit animal in the moment but you’ll be like #relatable (in your head, they don’t have to know that). They’ll either answer you back with a Gif and you can judge them on their choice and choose to either unmatch or fall in love, or answer you with words and you got yourself a conversation happening!

#4  Pretend you know them


“Hey again”, “You look super familiar”, “fancy meeting you here”. Maybe you have met them before, maybe you haven’t. It’s a small world, we basically all know each other. The opposite sex is a curious one, so they’ll definitely have a follow up to that. If you do know them follow up with something cute, not like a “how’ve you been”, you’re not basic. If you met them at a bar try something along the lines of “we should go back there, I bet I can beat you at pool” (even if you can’t who cares). If you have no idea who they are and they’re from Chicoutimi, maybe this isn’t the best one liner for you but who knows you can try, maybe you have been to Chicoutimi I don’t know.

#5 Do what you need to do girl 🙋


Go with the waving emoji, I’m not saying it can’t work. It’s cuffing season, you can even send them the bride emoji and they’ll answer.

Full disclosure, I still don’t have a boyfriend, even though my pick-up lines are on point. BUT I got bumble literally a week ago and I had a date with emoji guy (not for me). I “rain checked” on pizza oven guy, he was asking so many questions and like who even has time for that. I’m going out with Gif guy Sunday, no lie I actually kind of like him. Not going to jump to conclusions or anything but it’s getting pretty serious (we’re texting). Serious may be the wrong use of the word but I like to stay positive. I just can’t with the other two guys, but hey 1/5 is a pretty good ratio for 2016.

Good luck my (not for long) single ladies!

Forever & Always,


Top 5 Netflix Originals This Fall

With the chilly weather setting in, there’s nothing more that we’re looking forward to than sitting in bed with a warm blanket and indulging ourselves into some TV until we lose track of time. So, to kick off this season of immobility we’ve created a top 5 suggestion list of this year’s trending Netflix shows for you to binge watch! Grab and blanket, maybe even a partner and get ready to get hooked!


This Netflix Original is an American science fiction drama series. This series tells the story of eight strangers from all different parts of the world who experience a vision of a violent death of a woman. The story unfolds as we follow these confused and beautiful people as they try to understand this strange connection that has brought them all together.

Watch trailer.

Stranger Things 

There seriously has not been any shortage of this topic coming up in conversation and there’s no surprise why! Stranger Things is the latest Netflix original series that has been released and it has grabbed attention by the masses. This 8 episode series is about the story of a young boy who mysteriously disappears. His mother, police officer and friends must confront terrifying forces in order to get him back! This show is seriously not something to miss out on!

Watch trailer.

House of Cards

If you’ve found yourself glued to the TV with the recent political catastrophe, then this show is definitely up your alley! House of card is no won it’s 5th season and we don’t see this slowing down anytime soon! This series is an American political drama web television series that focusses on the story of Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey) who after being appointed as Secretary of State, initiates an elaborate plan to get himself into a position of greater power through power ideals and manipulation!

Watch trailer.


Brace yourselves to see one-hundred Pablo Escobar costumes this coming Halloween and it’s no wonder why, because his character is quite impressionable! Narcos is another Netflix original series set in Colombia that depicts the story of notorious drug dealer Pablo Escobar who became a billionaire through he production and distribution of cocaine. If you’re into crime and action then this is seriously not something to miss out on!

Watch trailer.
Amanda Knox 

If you found yourself hooked on Making a Murderer then this will be your new favorite show! This Netflix documentary places the microscope on the real life story of the allegedly accused murderer Amanda Knox and her boyfriend. This series shows every angle of the investigations and crime of how the situation unfolded to the aftermath of everyone’s lives that were affected!

Watch trailer.

Written by Emilie Berbrier.

Celebrity Dinner: Emilie Berbrier

“The fondest memories are made when gathered around the table”. I don’t know about you, but one of my favorite things to do on the weekend, is going out for dinner with some of my girlfriends. Besides trying new restaurants, discovering parts of the city I’ve never seen before and eating delicious food, I always enjoy bringing my group of friends together to sit, laugh and catch up.

However, as much fun as my friends are (and trust me, no one can really make me laugh as much as they do), I would strongly consider giving up their seats for dinner for one night… let me further explain. Recently I was asked this following question “If you had to choose a celebrity to have dinner with for one night, who would you choose and why?”. Considering there are many people I would love to sit across and get to know on a more personal level, I chose to narrow it down to my top ten people!

And here they are…

#1 Chrissy Teigen

Not only is she one of my biggest girl crushes, but she’s also one of the most hilariously real people in all of Hollywood and know’s how to love herself and make fun of herself.

#2 Jimmy Fallon

Because I know we would start playing his ridiculous games at the table such as “Guess what’s in your mouth” and eventually get kicked out of the restaurant for causing a disturbance of peace.

#3 Kim and Kanye


I know many of you think this is a typical choice, but aren’t you the least bit curious to see what they’re actually like in person??

#4 Louis CK


Because I would probably wouldn’t even be able to take a sip of my water without him making me pee in my pants or making some inappropriate joke about kids in Africa.

#5 Cast of FRIENDS

You know, just some of the most memorable people in television history!

#6 Joe Santagato


Because if any of you know us, you know we’re in love with him! And let’s be real, with a sense of humor that good and his face, who wouldn’t want to sit across from him at dinner?

#7 Beyonce

Does Queen B really need an explanation? I just want to be in her presence of greatness for one minute!

#8 The Olsen Twins


Because two is better than one. And also because I’ve idealized them since I was little and watching Full House!

#9 Rihanna

Because she’s so hot, stylish and speaks her mind!

#10 Leonardo DiCaprio


And last but certainly not least is this handsome face! Because let’s be real this man is a legend!

Written by: Emilie Berbrier

Louis CK on Technology

At the beginning of every new school semester the first week is always the most unsettling. On the one hand most of your first day of classes don’t consist of anything important because all you do is sit and read the course syllabus. However, on the other hand panic starts to set in when you realize how much work you have ahead of you, and how you would do anything to go back just three days to when summer and freedom still existed.
I most certainly cannot say the following statement for every class, but for the most part my Communication classes at Concordia have always managed to grab my attention with what kind of material we will be covering over the course of the semester. While I was in one of my Communication’s introductory classes yesterday, my teacher started her lecture by discussing what technologies are to us and how much importance we put on them in our lives! After asking several more questions following this train of thought she showed us the following video clip!

In this interview between Conan O’Brien and comedian Louis C.K, they discuss the presence of media technologies in the 21st century. Louis C.K expresses how advanced our technological world is, however, he feels that these revelations are being wasted on this generation… and let me tell you he’s not wrong!
He speaks about how people snap so quickly at their phones for not working fast enough or how when our wifi signal goes out we completely lose our patience! And we’ve all been, we’re all guilty of this tantrum like behavior. But do we ever just take a moment in our crazy, fast paced lives to just appreciate the existence behind the device we hold in our hands, drive to work or travel through space and time in?
The answer is no. We’ve completely taken for granted the miracle of science and engineering that we have been so fortunate to have in our lives and instead we only focus on the most up to speed and advanced models of the devices we already own. This interview segment makes me laugh so much because everything he’s saying is so accurate. The fact that we’re able to sit in a chair in the sky blows my mind! But yet, it’s become so second nature to us that we forget how lucky we are to have this privilege instead of needing to hop on trains and boats and spends weeks not hours getting from one destination to the next.
In our 2016 headspace, we are so consumed with technological mediums that we forget what life used to be like without the access to everything at our fingertips. Don’t get me wrong, I’m the first to admit that I love my phone and computer, but I also know how to pull myself out of that networked environment and see the mediums for all that they’re worth!
Just take a moment to watch this video, because you know what they say… there’s a little bit of truth to every joke!
Written by Emilie Berbrier