Words to Live By


“Write Drunk. Edit Sober” – Ernest Hemingway

 It is no secret that the consumption of alcohol is the equivalent of injecting oneself with a truth serum. For whatever reason, the effects of being drunk lead to the deterioration (and in some cases the complete destruction) of one’s “filter”. One moment you are fine and enjoying the night, and 4 shots of tequila later, you are telling your best friend how their significant other of 8 years just isn’t right for them.

Clearly, there are varying degrees to which an individual can sabotage themselves through “drunk talk”, but the same can not be said about the famous words uttered by one of the world’s great writers;

 “Write Drunk. Edit Sober” – Ernest Hemingway

 If only people would have adhered to these wise words when sending out a drunken text to their ex-girlfriend at 4 in the morning… but alas I digress.

The point that is trying to be made here is that when writing, your deepest truths, your highest highs, your lowest lows, essentially all of you should be left on the page. In other words; write drunk.

Now of course, the degree to which you express yourself should vary according to the task at hand. There have been many instances in which a writer has severely damaged their relationships as a result of divulging too much. This is obviously a personal choice, one which I will always remedy by; editing sober.