Happy 4th of July

Dear all you Americans,

We Canadians are wishing you a very Happy Fourth of July! As some of you may know, this holiday is also known as Independence Day, when the United States formally separated from Great Britain. But enough with the great history debrief over here, we’re cutting to the chase!

Us Canadian’s are not just wishing you a happy Fourth of July but also openly admitting that we would rather be there celebrating with you! Who wouldn’t want to be decked out in the most high-end red, white and blue outfit to attend probably one of the most elaborate parties of the year! We know those Hampton houses will be filled with champagne, top of the line catered food and music! So where the heck is our invite? We support you guys, we illegally pretend to be US citizens on Netflix just to get access to your movies and TV series! That should count for something right?! So let us party with you!

We’ll just pretend that our invites got lost in the mail this year.. but we’re holding you to it next year! Have an amazing day, enjoy the fireworks and party hard to make us Canadian “wanna-be’s” even more jealous!

TOP Secret

If you thought the Eiffel Tower was a spot to check out on your “to-do list” when visiting Paris, then we’re about to give you an even bigger reason to make this monumental structure a priority of yours.

The man behind this famous design was Gustave Eiffel. He was not only known for his unique and revolutionary building techniques, but rather his one of kind view of Paris. Gustave Eiffel had constructed his very own private apartment at the top of the tower in which nobody besides himself was allowed inside.

After the passing of Eiffel, the tower has now given the public the privilege to go and observe what life is like in this beautifully secluded vintage living space. What better way to experience all the beauty Paris has to offer than by spending a night in this private and romantic room that holds a view of close to one thousand feet over Paris! We know this room will definitely contribute to Paris’s nickname of  “The City of Love” once this room opens it’s doors to reservations. Enjoy and be safe!