Sugar Ball By The Numbers


Height in feet of the three-layer display cake at the centre of Candyland’s Cupcake Commons.


Number of staff on-site on the night of the Sugar Ball, including 20 amazing volunteers.


Length in feet of the main 34-piece open bar run by Brahm Mauer Bar Services, provided by Luxe Rentals


Collaborators working together bring you the Sugar Ball this year.


Years since Windsor Station was opened as Montréal’s Canadian Pacific Railway station in 1889. The building was designated a National Historic Site of Canada in 1975.


Number of oysters Flyjin Restaurant will be shucking on-site at the Sugar Ball.


Pounds of ice on hand at the open bar. 


(And counting) Pieces of sugary-sweet desserts provided by some of Montreal’s most creative confectioners.



Number of individual bites of delicious food provided by the six participating restaurants.


Number of kids who will benefit from greater accessibility to the McCord Museum’s diverse programming and exhibitions about Montreal’s social and cultural history.


Square footage of open sky-lit interior and additional courtyard and terrace space at Windsor Station.


Total wattage of the sound system designed by Total Events and Entertainment for the Sugar Ball.

“In my ten years working at Total, I’ve never set up a sound system with this much power.” —Andrew Jarvo, Production Manager

Here’s a little taste of what to expect at the Sugar Ball

The Sugar Ball is known for many things. A great cause, networking opportunities, fancy outfits, and of course, the legendary open bar. The drinks will be handled by Brahm Mauer Bar Services this year, so we know we’re in for some creative surprises and classic cocktails. But other than unlimited gin and juice, VIP ticket holders will be treated to a spread of delicious food made on-site by some of Montreal’s best restaurants and caterers. Here’s a preview of what to expect!

Estiatorio Milos


This Mile End establishment is known for having the best Greek food in Montreal, and for importing its seafood from places like Athens, Nova Scotia, New York, and Portugal. Since starting out as a specialty food shop in Montreal years ago, Milos has expanded to Manhattan and Greece by popular demand. Expect incredibly fresh fish, authentic Greek delicacies 

Sneak Peek: Octopus on octopus.

Café Ferreira

ferreira-1437 PETITE

Another Montreal establishment, Café Ferreira has been serving quality Portuguese fare to Downtowners since 1996. It does spicy spit-roasted chicken to perfection, and in a city full of authentic Portuguese food, somehow Café Ferreira has managed to stand out as the best for over two decades.

Sneak Peek: Fresh seafood.


Chef Guillaume Daly Soubois (John Kenney:Montreal Gazette)

Soubois is known for it’s crazy interior that looks more like a fantasy forest than a restaurant, but they also make some of the best French food in Montreal. The dishes range from countryside comfort food to Quebec-sourced charcuterie and cheeses. Expect some local delicacies from around Montreal. 

Sneek Peak: Duck Tartar. 

Le Richmond

Le Richmond

Le Richmond takes all your favourite Italian dishes and adds a delicious twist. Their menu features adventurous items such as spaghetti topped with pulled pork and duck heart ragout, and grilled eggplant with sheep ricotta. You’ll be going back to their food station for seconds at the Sugar Ball. Trust us. 

Sneak Peek: Foie-gras.



Flyjin is known for its $1 oysters on Wednesday nights, and for being one of the hardest places to get into in Montreal after midnight. In the winter, it’s an underground paradise filled with gourmet takes on Japanese cuisine and seafood delicacies. They also have some of the best mixologists in the city working behind their bar.

Sneak Peek: Oysters. A lot of oysters.

Traiteur Breira


This Italian-style caterer is always mixing things up. They are known for doing traditional events, but have a keen sense for current catering trends that keeps you on your toes. You can never tell what you’re going to get with Traiteur Brera, but you can count on it being amazing.

Sneak Peek: Cheese and more cheese. 

With the Sugar Ball less than a month away, be sure to get your tickets so you don’t miss out on this smorgasbord of mouthwatering food!

P.S. We didn’t even mention desert. Or midnight snack.