Our Top 4 Terraces

It dawned upon me this week when putting on my summer tires that just maybe, just maybe, summer was here. Ofcourse as I was having this thought it began to lightly snow, and I quietly chuckled to myself … but such is life as we know it in the great white north.

While it may snow for half of the year, the city of Montreal is without question filled with sun worshippers, and with our favourite season around the corner (we hope), we have listed our go-to summer spots for the 2015 terrace season.

1)  Terrasse Place D’Armes


Beautifully perched above Place d’Darmes Square, and complete with breathtaking views of downtown Montreal, to lead off our list with this gem is a no brainer.

Open day and night, rain or shine, Terrasse Place D’Armes is a favourite for locals and a must see for out-of-towners. Regardless of where you’re from, their house specialty Raspberry Mojito will taste fantastic!

55 Saint-Jacques Ouest, 8th floor

514 904-1201



2) Terrasse Nelligan


Whether you are there for a beautiful view of the city, or a view of the beautiful blonde, the choice is yours at Terrasse Nelligan. Quietly tucked away in the heart of the Old Port, this beautiful outdoor space is the go to terrace for the trendy and the stylish.

Constantly throwing special events, Terrasse Nelligan takes pride in keeping things exciting! Don’t forget to ask about their specialty cocktails…

106, Saint-Paul Ouest, 5th floor

514 788-4021



3) Terrasses Bonsecours


The largest open air venue that Montreal has to offer, Terrasses Bonsecours comes complete with 4 levels of outdoor space. A delicious lunch spot during the day, while at night, the party and view of the city are second to none

The 1st floor, our personal favorite, is the bistro area. With delicious food, thirst quenching cocktails and stylish lounge furniture, you can easily sit down for lunch at noon, and find yourself leaving in the wee hours of the morning.

364 Rue de la Commune Est, Quai du Vieux-Port




4) Sir Winston Churchill’s


Far from the most lavish of places, the terrace at Sir Winston Churchill’s (a.k.a. “Winnies”), is for those looking for a true sense of Montreal. Located on one of Montreal’s most renowned streets, take a seat and watch as what seems to be the entire city pass you by.

With staff that have been there for decades and drink specials to turn your happy hour into many hours, Winnies has stood the test of time, and with good reason.

1455-1459 Crescent Street




Top 4 Loves of Montreal (April)

1) Bilboquet – La Tire Ice Cream

About three years ago I discovered an Ice Cream flavour that has stuck with me until now. I’ve been trying to remind myself during Cabane a Sucre season to go to Bilboquet and pick up as many liters as I could get my hands on but kept on forgetting. Well… this year I finally remembered and let me tell you… it was worth the wait!

Feast your eyes on Bilboquet’s Maple Taffy Ice Cream. The perfect mélange of vanilla, maple and taffy. Who needs to go to Cabane a Sucre when for you can have it in the comfort of your own home!



Mercuri Montreal

Think of every movie you’ve ever seen that made you hungry… what do you do when the movie is over? Option 1: Go to the fridge and try to make something as delicious as possible. Option 2: Order in whatever you think could come close to what you just witnessed in Chef? Or go with Option 3: Get in your car & go straight to Mercuri Montreal.

Chef Joe Mercuri is known from the famous Brontë Days but what most people don’t know is that he is now at Old Montreal’s Mercuri Montreal (hence the name). Whether you go fine-dining or decide to get cozy by the fire-pit I promise you, you will not be disappointed.



Adventure Club

I’ve always been proud to be from Montreal for many reasons, music not being one of them. Yeah we’ve got Simple Plan & Corey Hart but to be quite honest never been such a fan. I still stuck to loving my Montreal roots for many other reasons but then a friend introduced me to Adventure Club. Love EDM? You’ll love them. Started listening and loving before I knew they were born & raised in Montreal… once I found out, not gonna lie loved them even more!



Jean-Talon Market

With Spring around the corner… it’s time for my Saturday ritual – spending the afternoon at the Jean-Talon Market. Yes yes I know… like every one I know you’re thinking Jean-Talon? Atwater is so much better but hey I guess it’s the Greek in me that just loves that Park Ex neighbourhood.

From my favourite fish market to the best seasonal fruit the Jean-Talon market has never betrayed me. Can’t wait to plan out my first Jean-Talon market inspired dinner menu!



Top 10 April Fools Jokes

1- Disguise onions as candy apples.

2- Coat a deliciously plain doughnut in baking soda.

3- Oreos – replace the icing with toothpaste.

4- Take a screenshot of your coworker’s computer desktop, and set it as the background. Hide all of the desktop icons and watch as she struggles with the “frozen” screen.

5- The Classic Post It’s everywhere.

6- Another classic: Cover an open toilet bowl with clear plastic wrap.

7- Mix Skittles and Reese’s Pieces into bowls of M&Ms

8- Place a ‘house for sale’ ad in the newspaper for someone’s home. Via @guyism

9-I’d lather not – Get some food coloring and mix red, yellow and blue together to make a nice dark brown. Add this mixture to the liquid soap dispenser in your kitchen or bathroom. Your victim will rub and scrub her hands with the dirty looking lather, but they will never seem to come clean. Via Bart Simpson

10- Add soy sauce and Sprite combine to make the most vile Diet Coke of all time. Via @BuzzFeed