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“Um, excuse me, what’s the WIFI password?” 

Being a veteran of the service industry, these are words that I have heard much too often, and to be quite honest, it is enough to give someone with even the calmest of demeanors a touch of anxiety.

I mean let’s be honest, is it really necessary for you to be checking your Facebook newsfeed, to post a tweet, or to let the internet know where you’re currently eating?

There is really nothing more demoralizing then seeing an entire table of people, whether it be a couple, a foursome, or more, all on their phones. What happened to the days of actually conversing with one another face to face and not via messenger? I have heard of restaurants that implement “penalties” for people found on their phones. Whether it be a “donation” or having to pay the entirety of the bill, I think that this is something that all restaurants should adopt.

Until then, whenever someone finds it necessary to get up from his or her table and go out of their way to inquire me about the WIFI, my answer will be:

“I’m sorry but our internet is down, looks like you’ll have to talk to the people sitting at your table.”

Justin Sabini

TOP Secret

If you thought the Eiffel Tower was a spot to check out on your “to-do list” when visiting Paris, then we’re about to give you an even bigger reason to make this monumental structure a priority of yours.

The man behind this famous design was Gustave Eiffel. He was not only known for his unique and revolutionary building techniques, but rather his one of kind view of Paris. Gustave Eiffel had constructed his very own private apartment at the top of the tower in which nobody besides himself was allowed inside.

After the passing of Eiffel, the tower has now given the public the privilege to go and observe what life is like in this beautifully secluded vintage living space. What better way to experience all the beauty Paris has to offer than by spending a night in this private and romantic room that holds a view of close to one thousand feet over Paris! We know this room will definitely contribute to Paris’s nickname of  “The City of Love” once this room opens it’s doors to reservations. Enjoy and be safe!

“Don’t Cut A Dream”

“Creativity is that extra bit of magic that can turn communication into a dream. And there is no crisis that can justify the killing of a dream”

As children, many of us had an abundance of wishes and dreams, big or small. Some of these wishes and dreams included wanting a puppy, a certain toy or going to Disney Land for vacation. In order to capture these desires and gain the possibility of making them come true, we would write them down in our diaries, voice them out loud to our parents and close friends or blow extra hard on our birthday candles. As children we felt that our dreams were reachable and achievable if only we wished hard enough. Unfortunately, this drive and motivation to make our happiness come true has begun to fade once we’ve grown up and faced life in the real world. How many of you thought that you would be a doctor when you were younger, but during your education in college and university realized this dream was deemed unattainable due to your marks not being high enough? How many of you have dreamed about owning your own successful company but have been shut down based on the fear of rejection in a competitive market? I think we can all somehow relate to this defeatist truth in one way or another. Our company Dreams MKTG is geared to do the exact opposite of bringing you down or making you feel as though your dreams and wishes are unreachable. We are designed to be your “dream builders” and find the qualities that make you unique and showcase them in the most strategic and beneficial way. We encourage you to hold onto the same passion and determination you had when you were a kid and continue to be the invincible you that does not fear the risk of pursuing your dreams.

Picture & Inspiration came from Digital Synopsis 

All Girls Can Play Initiative

#AllGirlsCanPlay is a fearless initiative by One World Play, raising awareness for girls world wide who face discrimination every day. According to their fact sheet, “128 countries have laws that treat men and women differently” and “more than 700 million women alive today were married as children.”

All Girls Can Play is advocating and sending out a helping hand through the power of play. You know what they say… work hard, play hard. Something as simple as a soccer ball can impact the lives of children forever. The fact sheet notes “4 out of 5 women who played sports growing up say lessons learned on the playing field have contributed to their success in business.”

Still not excited? Check this out: Their engineers have created an ultra-durable One World Futbol that never needs pumping, will never go flat and can endure the toughest environments world wide. It can be used anywhere, anytime, for longer than a regular soccer ball.

Ladies and gentlemen, these chicks are getting things done! Let’s help them. The goal is to fill a container with 2,200 One World Futbols that will touch the lives of more than 60,000 girls.  BAWSI and Women Win, the initiative’s supporters, will be donating these gifts to share amongst the communities.

Head over to for more information on how you can make a difference.

Words to Live By


“Write Drunk. Edit Sober” – Ernest Hemingway

 It is no secret that the consumption of alcohol is the equivalent of injecting oneself with a truth serum. For whatever reason, the effects of being drunk lead to the deterioration (and in some cases the complete destruction) of one’s “filter”. One moment you are fine and enjoying the night, and 4 shots of tequila later, you are telling your best friend how their significant other of 8 years just isn’t right for them.

Clearly, there are varying degrees to which an individual can sabotage themselves through “drunk talk”, but the same can not be said about the famous words uttered by one of the world’s great writers;

 “Write Drunk. Edit Sober” – Ernest Hemingway

 If only people would have adhered to these wise words when sending out a drunken text to their ex-girlfriend at 4 in the morning… but alas I digress.

The point that is trying to be made here is that when writing, your deepest truths, your highest highs, your lowest lows, essentially all of you should be left on the page. In other words; write drunk.

Now of course, the degree to which you express yourself should vary according to the task at hand. There have been many instances in which a writer has severely damaged their relationships as a result of divulging too much. This is obviously a personal choice, one which I will always remedy by; editing sober.