Are you for Yeezus!?

“I’m going to use my platform, every platform, to stand up and say, I want to make something. I want to make the next Ralph Lauren”.

Truthfully, I have never been such a Kanye West fan when it came to his music. I always thought my speakers were going to break because the bass was so low and the lyrics were always so aggressive. However, recently I have really grown to like Kanye and even find him inspiring!

Kanye has chosen to take his creativity as an artist to a whole new level! He is no longer just interested in the music industry but has now dipped his feet into the fashion industry as well, and I have to say I am loving everything about his lines! From his incredible Yeezy shoes, that sell out overnight to his two unforgettable New York Fashion Week shows, he is becoming one of the most recognized designers!


His past two runway collections have been anything but ordinary! Both shows have demonstrated very similar characteristics from the hues and tones of the clothing to the overall feel, structure and designs of the pieces. In this years runway show designed for Adidas, Kanye has dozens of models lined up in military-style. Each model from the front of the row all the way to the back was wearing some form of hoodies, parkas, bodysuits and jackets in light khaki, brown, army green and beige!

As the models walked down the runway, a real life drill sergeant called out groups of models to make their way down. Starting from the first set of models were ones with light skin and dyed bleached blonde hair. The second group had darker skin as well as hair and the pattern continues almost creating a gradient affect. You have to think, was this just appealing to the eyes or did Kanye hope to imply another message with this strategic placement?

“People don’t stand up to protect their dreams, people are too scared of getting spoofed in a way”.


I don’t think this quote could be truer! In a society of extremely judgmental and competitive people, it is almost impossible to stand up for what you believe might be the next big thing without facing negativity! Kanye’s mindset it to be powerful enough like Steve Jobs, Jesus and Da Vinci to create change and make people believe in something greater than what already exists. He wants to be an educator and I think we can all benefit from learning something from him! Whether that is learning to break boundaries or to aim for greatness, he’s doing something right and I’m looking forward seeing what’s next!

“It’s about truth, it’s about information, it’s about awesomeness, and the only luxury is time”.

Written by Emilie Berbrier 

What are you willing to do for a good poutine?

Ah poutine, the ultimate Montreal meal. I swear Montrealers are in love with this creation and will eat it regardless the time of day or the temperature. Whether it’s freezing cold or unbearably hot, you’ll see people on the sidewalks of Montreal enjoying a warm pile of fries drenched in a gravy sauce, topped with cheese curds. I recently experienced an example of how far people were willing to go to savour this (I dare say) basic meal.

Picture 1

Last weekend, I went to Old Port’s PoutineFest, a 3-day festival filled with poutine trucks all proclaiming they have the “best”, the most “award-winning”, or the “wildest” poutine, and you should absolutely pay 14$ to taste their creation. I am not the biggest fan of poutine, but I thought this would be a good way to try out some original takes of this classic dish. When my friends and I decided to head out, it began to rain. Now, we thought to ourselves, this would just be a pleasant drizzle, so we continued to head for Old Port. By the time we arrived, it was pouring so hard that my umbrella had become a useless, twisted, half-disintegrated thing. Damn, these poutines better be worth it!

Surprisingly, there was a good amount of people hanging around the trucks. The rain started to quiet down again, and it seemed like we were going to be able to walk around in peace. My friends and I decided to see what each truck had to offer before making our choice (I state again, the poutines were quite expensive, so making the right choice was crucial). As in a sign of discontent towards our slowness in deciding, the sky filled up again and exploded upon on us. Run, run, save the poutines! Luckily, the festival had set up large tents that offered some sort of refuge, even though muddy floors and wet tables aren’t my thing. The biggest source of entertainment under the tent was an impressive mechanical rodeo cow. Now, I am not sure rodeo and poutine mix well, but, hey, Montreal continues to surprise me.

Picture 2

Under this terrible weather, my friends and I agreed that PJs in bed sounded very tempting at the moment. I also thought, where else would I be eating a crazy concoction of fries (I ordered a poutine with garlic sauce and bacon, and yes, it was delicious) soaked by the rain, watching rodeo? Nowhere else than in this city I am learning to love. Oh Montreal (and Montrealers), you continue to amaze me by your perseverance (you will have that poutine no matter what), your dedication, and simply your love (of poutine, amongst others). So I ask, what would you be willing to do to get a poutine?

Written by Marie Le Cannellier

Dreams Loves Chef Mercuri

When it comes to cooking I have always found myself drawn to Italian cuisine. I have never been the type to try complex recipes so when I decided to learn from Chef Joe Mercuri I was quite nervous. Not only are his dishes a work of art – they are unbelievably delicious. Watching him prepare a dish with all the flavours, colors and techniques can make an amateur like me quite nervous – so clammy hands and all I got up from the barstool and stood next to him asking him if we could make something simple. According to Joe, simple food does not exist; all foods are complex – so I picked the less complex dish off the menu which happened to be a Tomato Salad.


Over the last couple of months Chef Mercuri has become more than a client – he’s become a friend, which has made this whole experience rather entertaining. First thing he taught me was that I have been holding my knife wrong since I started to cook – okay got that out of the way! Next I learnt how to cut a tomato properly so you never get that weird hard part but don’t lost three quarters of your tomato.

Picture 2

On to the next ingredient – if you’ve never seen these good neither had I, but to my surprise these my friends are CUCUMBERS. The tiniest crunchiest cucumbers I have ever tasted. These were easy to cut – what wasn’t easy was not eating them in them process. Radishes & Parmesan shavings were next – that was a piece of cake. What amazed me the most was how we seasoned and dressed everything. In a big bowl instead of throwing all the veggies in I had to strategically place them so each veggie got the perfect flavour. Something I intend to do from now on – thanks Joe!

Picture 3

Arranging the plate is where I had the most difficulty. Chef Mercuri’s plates are always so perfectly presentable that I was nervous where and how to place everything but he was there right behind me guiding me. I would like to thank Chef Mercuri for everything and can’t wait to move on up and create something a little more “complex”.

Dreams Loves #NobodysDamsel

In a recent study conducted by Trailer park, Inc. one of our favorite female characters became America’s ideal female TV character!

If you don’t watch Law and Order SVU then this blog post isn’t for you & well we can’t be friends anymore.

In this survey Olivia Benson was up against other #GirlBoss’s including our other favorite Olivia… Ms. Pope.



Now we know what you might be thinking… it was probably a survey catered to women only. Nope! 19% of men voted for her and found her to be “intelligent, tough, independent, compassionate, and confident.”

We love Olivia because well she’s the definition of a boss ass bitch (pardon our French). She looks out for other women, she can handle her own, regardless of what her job throws her way and well she’s the boss (no really she is – Sgt. Olivia Benson – google it).

Well all we would like to say is Welcome back Olivia, we missed you!

Law & Order SVU Premieres tonight! #NobodysDamsel

What’s the reasoning behind your PSO?

We don’t know about you, but we’re welcoming Fall with open arms! Fall is by far our favorite time of year. Who doesn’t love the site of trees changing colors, bright leaves laid out all over the ground and the coolness of the crisp air? This time of year also means, big comfy sweaters, scarves that could easily pass as blankets and cute trench coats, hats and booties!

Besides the excitement about the beautifully picturesque backgrounds, we know the real reason all you girls (men too, just the closeted ones) are really excited about this season and it starts off with three very addicting little letters… PSL.

The Pumpkin Spice Latte craze has become so big that it is now being referred to as a phenomenon not just a happening trend! We’re not quite sure what it is exactly about this Fall favorite that constitutes to this much hype, so we’ve decided to conduct a little survey that we would like you to kindly fill out to help solve this mystery!


Listed below are three options, we kindly ask you to read through them, think about your answer and then comment below on which you believe is your driving force behind your PSO (Pumpkin Spice Obsession)…

Option #1:

In our first approach we’ve decided to take on a scientific route! According to psychologist, there is such thing called reactance theory! In which we believe takes place during this time of month! This theory suggest that consumers react strongly to unavailability products which you also may recognize as “limited time offers”. So if you find yourself being driven to consume as much pumpkin spice as possible in fear of “time running out” then this is the check off box for you!

Option #2:

We’ve come to the understanding that some of you may actually achieve PSO because you thoroughly enjoy that taste and flavor this 400-calorie beverage contains! Who could honestly resist Starbuck’s signature espresso and milk, highlighted with pumpkin, cinnamon, nutmeg, pumpkin pie spices and of course whipped cream? We could see why this would be hard to resist!

Option #3:

You’re straight up just a betch! We mean this in the most polite way possible! This in no way means that you are a mean person, what this simply suggests is that you love pumpkin spice lattes for all that the drink encompasses! For example, you love the drink so much that instead of taking the time to call it by its formal name, you’ve now given it a nickname (PSL) because you’re that close! You also feel the need to SnapChat and Instragram a picture of your latté with the hashtag #PSL so every person is aware that you’re keeping up to date with the Fall trends! Don’t feel guilty; we’ve all done it!

So whether you’ve decided to be honest about the real reasons you’re suffering from PSO or have chosen to put up a front, we’re wishing you a very happy Fall and hope you enjoy your PSL’s while you can!

Sincerely, a closeted PSL addict herself!

Back to School Essentials

So we have unfortunately reached that time of year again, when the suns starts to set a little bit earlier, the humidity dies down and the buzzing from the wires outside become less deafening! This could only mean one thing; we have reached the end of summer! It seems to me that every time the month of September approaches I find myself asking how we got here so quickly and reflect on all the things I accomplished or failed to during my free days!

As sh*tty as it is to be saying goodbye to some summer fun, I do find myself slightly excited to get back into the groove of some routine! That does not go to say that I won’t be missing late night drinks and even later sleep-in’s, however, all good things do come to an end!

In order to make going back to school a little less scary and dreadful, we decided to create a small list of affordable products as well as some fun and thoughtful ideas for you to keep with you while sitting in class or on the go!


#1. I take my pencil case game very seriously. All of my pencils, pens, highlighters etc are always accounted for when I want to start writing! I also have a mini panic attack every time I can’t find my pencil case when rummaging through my knapsack as if I lost my phone or wallet! So, instead of keeping things boring this year we’ve decided to amp our game up! Instead of buying an average looking case from Bureau En Gros, we’ve decided to use makeup cases as an alternative! Makeup cases come in a lot of different fun patterns as well as sizes! An upside is that some of them also have slots for brushes that can be used to keep your favorite pens or pencils on top!


#2. If you’re a Montrealer then you know that there isn’t really such a thing called Fall! We may witness Fall for a brief two seconds and then before you know it, it’s winter! Besides having 10 inches of freezing cold snow to plow through on your way to school we also know that means extreme heat indoors which calls for an immense amount of replenishing to your skin from the dehydration it has gone through! In order to refrain from dry hands we’ve found the cutest and most perfect solution! This tiny apple container of hand cream! Perfect to keep in any knapsack, purse or even cosmetic bad during school!


#3: Lip balm. Pretty much self-explanatory! I hardly ever find myself leaving the house without it in my purse or knapsack! Whenever I get bored in class it’s probably my first go to!

hair copy

#4: I don’t know about you guys, but whether I leave the house with my hair done or looking homeless, no matter what state it always has to go up the second I get to class! Whether I’m writing notes or a test I simply cannot function the same with having my hair down! And in the case of an emergency pop quiz, I can never be without a hair elastic! Which is why this little hair kit idea would probably be the most beneficial for me! It has elastics, scrunchies, hairbands and clips! What more could a girl need? Seriously!


#5: We sure know those early mornings are never easy to get used to! Nor sitting in any lecture hall, so when you need a little energy boost or afternoon pick-me-up we’ve got the perfect solution! If you’re a huge coffee lover like I am, but you’re a little (me too, don’t worry) then you’ll love these Starbucks instant coffee packs! They are small enough to keep inside a pencil case or cosmetic bag and all they require is either hot water which most fountains to fill your water bottles have a button for! This way you can get your favorite tasting coffee in school without having to make an extra pit stop on the way!

We hope we’ve made you a little bit more excited about starting school again! Or if we didn’t, because let’s be real that is almost an impossible task, we hope that we’ve at least found ways to make your days in school a little bit more colorful and exciting! Ps. Besides the coffee packets shown above, all of the other items were found on Forever21’s website for under $10!

Wishing everyone good luck!

Written by Emilie Berbrier