Dreams’ burning question: what’s your favorite type of shave on a man?

The results are in! Dreams went out to ask a sample of 10 women what their favorite type of shave on a man was. Full beard? Clean-shaven? Just the ‘stache? Well turns out, these ladies’ tastes are quite diverse. More than a third preferred a full beard, as “it looks comforting and hot” and looks “virile.”


One respondent even gave us a very detailed answer as to why the full beard was the way to go: “I think it’s attractive when men enjoy nature and have a sense of “toughness” (very different from machismo), and having a beard suggests that someone has the “ruggedness” associated with being an outdoorsman. I think it also conveys a sense of maturity and the attitude that he cares about more than just how he looks.” There you have it!


But what about the rest of the ladies? Those who preferred a clean-shaven man thought it was “classy” and “sexy.” They also stated that full beard trends got boring quickly. One point all of the ladies agreed on: the goatee was definitely not their favorite.

In other words, we are all different in our tastes, which is great news for all the men out there! This means you’re bound to find a lady who appreciates your ‘stache or simply your no-facial-hair look that you probably took a while to perfect!

So, to all the Dreamers out there: what’s your favorite look?

Written by: Marie Le Cannelier 


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