Les Bijoux du Vieux-Port

Le Vieux-Port nous fait tous rêver et nous propulse vers une autre époque peu importe notre âge! Néanmoins, l’émergence de plusieurs commerces et de restaurants nous rend la tâche difficile lorsqu’on est indécis. Pas de panique, selon vos préférences nous avons réuni nos suggestions :

Pour les amoureux du Jazz et du bon vin



Je vous conseille le Modavie! Ce bar à vin où le pastis est très populaire, vous offre une soirée musicale sept jours sur sept dans une ambiance feutrée. De quoi vous transporter dans le temps ainsi qu’impressionner votre date !

Pour les amateurs de tavernes et d’authenticité 


Si vous aimez les tavernes et vous êtes d’humeur sophistiquée, je vous conseille la Taverne Gaspar! Avec leurs plats faits façon brasserie et leur local situé dans un ancien entrepôt du XIXe siècle, c’est un must!

Pour les mordus de fruits de mer 


Avec leurs plats inspirés des gastro pubs, leur bar cru qui suit les tendances saisonnières, un 5@7 et la possibilité de manger tard après vos sorties nocturnes, le Méchant Bœuf est l’endroit idéal ! Nous vous recommandons d’essayer les plateaux de dégustations qui sont offerts.

Pour les fans du Japon 


Avec la plus grande sélection de sakés à Montréal et leurs boites bento (lunch japonais), Kyo se place sur notre palmarès avec brio. Avec plus de 25 choix de sakés, c’est l’endroit parfait pour s’initier à la culture de l’Izakaya (bistro nippon).

Pour les accros des soirées italiennes 


Je ne sais pas si vous êtes comme moi, mais je craque pour les pizzas cuites au four de bois ! Il y a toujours un je-ne-sais-quoi qui nous transporte vers la toscane ! Au BEVO on nous offre également une liste de grappa, d’amaro et de prosecco exquis.

Et vous ? Quels sont vos endroits préférés ?

Written by Imane Madi

Top 6 Things To Do In Chicago

This holiday season, I’m not traveling to a tropical destination or ski chalet. Instead, I am going to the one place where it feels right to spend Christmas break: home. And for me, home is the beautiful city of Chicago! Having lived there for 10 years before coming to Montreal, I’d like to think I know the city pretty well. So if you happen to be stopping by the Windy City over the holidays (or you’d like to visit someday!), here are my Top 6 must-do’s in Chicago:

#1 Walk around Millennium Park


Okay this one is obvious, but for good reason! Millennium Park is a charming park located right in the middle of Downtown. Its main attraction is the Cloud Gate (which everyone calls “the Bean” by the way), but there’s plenty more to see, like the Crown Fountain and the Lurie Gardens. Just walking around the green spaces is a relaxing experience. And, do not, I repeat DO NOT, miss the Art Institute, located right next to Millennium Park. It’s a wonderful museum, with lots to see, and even if you’re not an art fan, it’s a must-do. They also renovated the Modern Wing a few years back, so that’s cool too.

#2 Go watch a Bulls game


It’s the ultimate All-American experience and definitely worth the trip to the United Center. The atmosphere is indescribable, but just imagine over 20,000 energetic and loud fans cheering on their favorite basketball team, dancing along to the music, sipping beer, and trying to get noticed by the cameras. Totally wild, totally worth it.

#3 Go see a Blue Man’s Group performance


Blue Man Group is yet another indescribable experience: it’s basically a show that combines everything you love: intense music, comedy, technology, and (spoilers) food! I won’t say more, but you’ll thank me after the show.

 #4 Just walk around


It might sound weird, but just walking around Chicago is a treat. Not only does the city have a real charm, but each of its neighborhoods have their own personality. You’re sure to discover something whether it’s on Michigan Avenue, surrounded by an interesting mix of modern skyscrapers and ancient architecture – Lincoln Park, home to the Chicago zoo and some really cool gardens – or Old Town, where you’ll most likely be surrounded by hipsters and young families. The list of awesome neighborhoods goes on, but the point is, don’t stay in one spot and move around!

 #5 Go chill by the lake (literally)


Okay, I use “chill” in two ways, because the Lakefront in wintertime is probably not the first place you want to visit, but at least stop by for a few minutes. The Lake really gives Chicago that extra charm, and it’s a great spot to get a full view of the city.

#6 And finally: food!


You might not know, but Chicago is a renowned foodie town. It has everything from the classiest restaurants (like Alinea, ranked one of best in the world) to good ole fast food joints (all hail Chipotle!). Some of my personal favorites: Tre Kronor, for a comforting, satisfying meal served in a friendly, casual setting; Mindy’s Hot Chocolate, for out-of-this-world desserts (my tip: barely eat anything before, you’ll want to have plenty of room); and Café Des Architectes, for delicious, flavorful French food served in a refined setting.

There you go: my Chicago must-dos! Honestly, there is much more to do, but these are my highlights, the places that I have never gotten tired off in my ten years in the Windy City.

Written by: Marie Le Cannellier 




Noël au Vieux-Port

La saison des fêtes est à nos portes de nouveau cette année! Si vous n’êtes pas d’humeur à cuisiner et à faire la vaisselle, une multitude d’endroits au Vieux-Port vous permettront de vous la couler douce. Parmi les choix interminables et attrayants, voici ceux qui ont le plus attiré notre attention, ainsi que leurs descriptions forfaitaires :


Le Place d’Armes Hôtel et suites


Les forfaits comprennent une nuit dans une suite junior (Lit King, baignoire thérapeutique profonde, séjour avec un canapé-lit et foyer), un souper quatre services au fameux restaurant de l’hôtel, Suite 701, ainsi qu’un cadeau de bienvenue. Si vous préférez avoir un réveil gourmand, l’établissement offre également la formule Brunch sous un autre forfait.

Si vous préférez célébrer uniquement au restaurant Suite 701, un menu spécial est aussi offert.


L’Hôtel Nelligan


Le séduisant hôtel qui surplombe la rue Saint-Paul offre des forfaits similaires avec ses petites suites avec lits King. Vous profiterez d’un repas gastronomique au restaurant VERSES et quand viendra le temps de vous rendre à votre chambre, une bouteille de bulles et une collation vous attendront. Une option de Brunch est également disponible.

Si vous êtes plus intéressés par l’expérience gastronomique, le restaurant VERSES propose sa propre formule.


Vieux-Port Steakhouse


Ce restaurant qui affiche toujours une carte exquise nous a préparé un menu digne de sa réputation. Le service se fait le soir de Noël, ainsi qu’au Brunch. À vous de choisir!

En raison d’une forte demande pendant cette période de l’année, nous vous recommandons fortement de réserver en avance.

Nous vous souhaitons le plus heureux temps des fêtes!

Written by Imane Madi

Dreams Loves Sephora

It feels so good to think about the holiday season! Like every year, we are still waiting to be invited to all the glamorous Office Christmas parties and the New Year Eve celebrations. For the list events you’ll be attending, you need to find the beauty products to match your trendy outfit. To make it easier for you, we’ve carefully selected some of the most recommended products to be a gorgeous diva this winter:

#1 Fresh Suga treatment with 15 FPS


This lip treatment is perfect for our cold winters; apply it before your lipstick. It has a pleasant smell and you can choose tinted or not.

P.S: The red color is the one that supports the fight against AIDS. Definitely a good buy to support the cause.

#2 Naked smoky eyeshadow palette


If you like shimmering colors and to be able to jump from one effect to another, this is the palette for you! Even if the price is a bit high, the pigments present in it can last for hours and it will definitely last for a long time in your makeup purse.

#3 Benefit Mascara, They’re real.


This brand is one of my favorites; their products always have this vintage/pinup look to it. This mascara is one that lengthens, curls, volumizes, lifts & separates according to many reviews.

Available at most Pharmaprix Pharmacies

#4 Make up Forever Artist Plexi-Gloss

Make Up For Ever Artist Plexi-Glosses

I know many of us stopped wearing Lip-gloss a long time ago, but trust me this one is just what you need to turn heads! The Plexi-gloss gives a vinyl shine finish. With the selection of vivid color, you can experiment with multiple looks.

#5 Kat Von D, Studded Kiss lipstick


Okay…imagine 30 shades of bright/classic colors of lipstick that last up to 10 hours, there you have it!

From classic shades to bright-pigmented colors, you can find high quality and sexy/bold lipsticks for every woman of any age and background. The trend this season is to have matte lips; the goal is to add a little ”tattoo” effect to it. The advantage of this kind of lipstick is its durability.

#6 Smashbox ART.LOVE.COLOR primer pair.


We all know how hard it is to keep our makeup looking fresh throughout the day; the secret is to use a quality primer. The Smashbox Primer Pair offers you a travel size duo infused with vitamins and antioxidants that’ll come in handy for your holiday travels and touch-ups on the go! This product will minimize your pores and fine lines.

So get out there and try these products and let us you know your opinion! All these products are available at SEPHORA.

Written by Imane Madi

Dreams Loves Christmas

With one of our favorite holidays coming up we thought we’d share our top four places to be during Christmas time.

#1 Rome

Rome Xmas via condotti

If you’ve been to Rome then you’ve definitely been on Via Condotti & if you haven’t been to Rome please put it on your list. This is one of the biggest fashionable streets in Rome where you’ll find Prada, Burberry, Hermès & the list continues. We must say this street is most beautiful during the holidays – strands & strands of Christmas lights along with oversized Christmas trees fill the streets and cheerful tourists fill the incredible restaurants.

#2 Budapest


A couple of years ago we spent a short period in Budapest. The first day we got there we were taken to the Christmas market in Vörösmarty Square. Pictures do not do this market justice – getting off the subway you can smell the scent of cinnamon and pine. You really feel like you’re in a winter wonderland in the middle of such a lost city. One afternoon there was not enough we made sure went there almost every day we were there.

#3 New York City


We always say that NYC is our home away from home and we truly mean it. The food, the streets, and the people – everything about the city makes us want to pack our bags every weekend and book our next flight out. The one thing that entices us the most to book our (one-day one way) ticket is the city during the holidays. No matter where you go… SoHo, Brooklyn, Queens – ANYWHERE you feel the Christmas spirit.

#4 Montreal


Yeah we just had to add it in here. Just Kidding! If anything Montreal is our top place to be during the holidays. With our family, presents under our Christmas tree & of course no fail SNOW.