Dreams Loves Fall

With the warm weather slowly disappearing and the crisp cool air starting to settle in, we thought we would give you a little teaser of what we’re looking forward to this coming Fall! We know that this season is one that many of us look forward to, however, many of us also dread this season because it’s just the warning signs that winter is slowly approaching! And if any of you are Montrealer’s… we know that winter is definitely not something that get’s easier with time! Here are some of the things we’re looking forward to this fall season!

Leather Jacket Season


This is by far one of my favorite things about fall. Don’t feel like putting much effort into an outfit? No problem, leather jackets are the easiest solutions to throw over any legging and sweater and make it fashionable! For any leather jacket suggestions I would check out Zara! They have a range of styles, colors and textures!

Big Scarves


I don’t know about you, but this oversized scarf trend (which I like to consider big blankets) is something I look forward to every year! You can wear them in so many different shapes and forms and they are the ultimate warmth on any cold day or night!

Warm Drinks


For many of you this already part of your daily routine! But, I know that the second fall comes around your go to places like Starbucks and Second Cup start offering seasonal beverages such as the ever so common PSL!



One of my go to staples throughout the fall! Always good for when you’re having a bad hair day or even if you just want to keep your ears warm while walking!

Onion Soups

In the fall and winter, it’s okay to indulge in a little bit of cheesy heaven! That’s what all those big sweaters and jackets are for 😉 Make sure to try the Onion soup at Towne Hall in the West!

Days Like These


You know that saying that goes something along the lines of “Netflix and Chill”, well a lot of my fall activities include my Sunday’s looking a lot like this!


We hope we sparked a little bit of excitement for what’s to come in the next few months! Bundle up, stay warm and go out and eat whatever food warms your soul! Happy fall, happy reading!

Written by Emilie Berbrier

Celebrity Dinner: Emilie Berbrier

“The fondest memories are made when gathered around the table”. I don’t know about you, but one of my favorite things to do on the weekend, is going out for dinner with some of my girlfriends. Besides trying new restaurants, discovering parts of the city I’ve never seen before and eating delicious food, I always enjoy bringing my group of friends together to sit, laugh and catch up.

However, as much fun as my friends are (and trust me, no one can really make me laugh as much as they do), I would strongly consider giving up their seats for dinner for one night… let me further explain. Recently I was asked this following question “If you had to choose a celebrity to have dinner with for one night, who would you choose and why?”. Considering there are many people I would love to sit across and get to know on a more personal level, I chose to narrow it down to my top ten people!

And here they are…

#1 Chrissy Teigen

Not only is she one of my biggest girl crushes, but she’s also one of the most hilariously real people in all of Hollywood and know’s how to love herself and make fun of herself.

#2 Jimmy Fallon

Because I know we would start playing his ridiculous games at the table such as “Guess what’s in your mouth” and eventually get kicked out of the restaurant for causing a disturbance of peace.

#3 Kim and Kanye


I know many of you think this is a typical choice, but aren’t you the least bit curious to see what they’re actually like in person??

#4 Louis CK


Because I would probably wouldn’t even be able to take a sip of my water without him making me pee in my pants or making some inappropriate joke about kids in Africa.

#5 Cast of FRIENDS

You know, just some of the most memorable people in television history!

#6 Joe Santagato


Because if any of you know us, you know we’re in love with him! And let’s be real, with a sense of humor that good and his face, who wouldn’t want to sit across from him at dinner?

#7 Beyonce

Does Queen B really need an explanation? I just want to be in her presence of greatness for one minute!

#8 The Olsen Twins


Because two is better than one. And also because I’ve idealized them since I was little and watching Full House!

#9 Rihanna

Because she’s so hot, stylish and speaks her mind!

#10 Leonardo DiCaprio


And last but certainly not least is this handsome face! Because let’s be real this man is a legend!

Written by: Emilie Berbrier

The First Wives Club turns 20!

First Wives Club
Starring Goldie Hawn, Diane Keaton and Bette Midler. 

© Paramount Pictures

Before anything I would just like to mention that there are major spoiler alerts in this post…

20 years ago today we were introduced to Cynthia, Annie, Elise & Brenda. The movie begins with Annie, Brenda & Elise receiving beautiful pearl necklaces from Cynthia in honour of their college graduation. They toast to each other saying they are bounded together for life “by friendship, love.. and jewelry – and will always.. always be there for each other for the rest of their lives”. Sadly they’re not…


Cynthia’s husband ends up leaving her for a younger woman and gets remarried within weeks of their divorce. Depressed and alone she ends up giving her pearls to her cleaning lady and mails out letters to her college friends before plunging to her death from her penthouse.

20 years later Brenda, Annie & Elise come together when they receive Cynthia’s letters and realize not only do they have a lot in common but they can all benefit from one another. Planning the ultimate revenge on their ex-husbands and realizing a true friendship never goes out of style.


Separated from her husband finds out he is having an affair with THEIR therapist.


Oscar award winner & plastic-surgery addict who’s husband left her for the younger and hotter version.


Husband goes through a mid-life crisis and leaves her because he feels she’s “making him feel old”.


In honour of their 20 year anniversary I would like to share my top 5 moments of the movie and valuable life lessons along with them.


#1 Because dessert doesn’t ask questions… dessert understands. 

#2 #AllOfTheFeelings is always better than #NoFeelings 

#3 Sometimes you need a good wake up call… especially from your girls. 

#4 If the music is good, you dance! 

#5 And last but not least, no one owns you. 




To all the youg-ins reading this blog – this is the Original ladies anthem #YouAreWelcome

Louis CK on Technology

At the beginning of every new school semester the first week is always the most unsettling. On the one hand most of your first day of classes don’t consist of anything important because all you do is sit and read the course syllabus. However, on the other hand panic starts to set in when you realize how much work you have ahead of you, and how you would do anything to go back just three days to when summer and freedom still existed.
I most certainly cannot say the following statement for every class, but for the most part my Communication classes at Concordia have always managed to grab my attention with what kind of material we will be covering over the course of the semester. While I was in one of my Communication’s introductory classes yesterday, my teacher started her lecture by discussing what technologies are to us and how much importance we put on them in our lives! After asking several more questions following this train of thought she showed us the following video clip!

In this interview between Conan O’Brien and comedian Louis C.K, they discuss the presence of media technologies in the 21st century. Louis C.K expresses how advanced our technological world is, however, he feels that these revelations are being wasted on this generation… and let me tell you he’s not wrong!
He speaks about how people snap so quickly at their phones for not working fast enough or how when our wifi signal goes out we completely lose our patience! And we’ve all been, we’re all guilty of this tantrum like behavior. But do we ever just take a moment in our crazy, fast paced lives to just appreciate the existence behind the device we hold in our hands, drive to work or travel through space and time in?
The answer is no. We’ve completely taken for granted the miracle of science and engineering that we have been so fortunate to have in our lives and instead we only focus on the most up to speed and advanced models of the devices we already own. This interview segment makes me laugh so much because everything he’s saying is so accurate. The fact that we’re able to sit in a chair in the sky blows my mind! But yet, it’s become so second nature to us that we forget how lucky we are to have this privilege instead of needing to hop on trains and boats and spends weeks not hours getting from one destination to the next.
In our 2016 headspace, we are so consumed with technological mediums that we forget what life used to be like without the access to everything at our fingertips. Don’t get me wrong, I’m the first to admit that I love my phone and computer, but I also know how to pull myself out of that networked environment and see the mediums for all that they’re worth!
Just take a moment to watch this video, because you know what they say… there’s a little bit of truth to every joke!
Written by Emilie Berbrier