Love her or Hate her…

Love her or hate her, you simply can’t avoid her! We’re talking about the twenty-four year old Corinne Olympios from this season of The Bachelor. From coming onto the show and disclaiming that she has a nanny, owns a multimillion-dollar business and still lives at home, you can’t help but laugh a little when thinking about her possibly becoming engaged to Nick at the end of this season. With all that aside, Corinne has managed to make this one of the most entertaining seasons of the Bachelor thus far. From her random naps, quitting group dates because she doesn’t do “chores” to being completely outspoken on group dates and in her interviews, she definitely has a personality that belongs on reality TV! Here are our top 10 favorite Corinne moments:

When Corinne took the group photoshoot into

her own HANDS…

When Corrine’s dad asked her if she was

in love with Nick and she answered yes followed

by this statement….

When Corinne couldn’t understand why everyone

was shocked to find out that she had a nanny, when

the women there are competing to become wives

and eventually mothers….

When she realized the farm life wasn’t for her…

When she ripped on Taylor’s profession and

degree from Johns Hopkins University (one

of the most difficult and prestigious

schools in the world)

When Corinne’s just casually bought Nick a $3,000

outfit during her hometown date…

When she got plastered on the group

volleyball date!

When she ordered her own blow-up bouncy

house to the mansion and threw her own

party in there with Nick in front of the

other women

When she made it clear that she needs to be in

the spotlight 24/7…

And last but not least…this:

6 Ways To Feel Like You’re On Vacation When You’re Not…

Say hello to spring break season, the time of year when the restless feels start creeping in and your insta feed starts getting flooded with #jetset photos from where you’d rather be. Our winter may have been a mild one, yet vacation-mode is still a much needed thing – right? So what to do when travelling is not an imminent possibility because you’re either way too busy, too broke, or the more likely scenario: a bit of both? Luckily almost everything you would do on vacation you can do in or around Montreal, and while it’s nice to get out of town every now and then, we’re here to ensure you feel those vacation vibes in the meantime. This is how…

#1 Spas


Via Balnea Spa

The spas in Montreal and the surrounding areas are guaranteed to give you the feels. Some of them, like Spa Nordic or Balnea Spa, are completely surrounded by wilderness and are built next to natural rivers and lakes. Others like Bota Bota, Rainspa, or Spa Scandinave, are an urban oasis which you could stop by on any given weekday. Whichever one you choose, you’re sure to be no less zoned out and pampered than you would be on vacation.

#2 Food & Vibes

One thing we all love to do while travelling is eat amazing food that we don’t normally treat ourselves to at home. That’s too bad since the amount of 5 star restaurants with amazing menus and perfect vibes is through the roof in Montreal. Our favourites? Barocco, Chasse et Peche, Restaurant Helena, and Provisions Restaurant are to name a few. Want to truly feel like you’re traveling? Visit one of the many international spots such as the Portuguese Ferreira Café, the ambient Kyo Bar Japonais, or the cute and laid back Arepera du Plateau.

#3 Brunch

Via Le Cartet

Via Le Cartet

If you’re not brunching on vacation, is it really vacation? Fortunately Montreal is equipped with brunch spots that are no less instagram-model approved than the likes of Paris or NYC. Our favourites, like Le Cartet, Maison Boulud, Suite 701, Verses Restaurant, Sparrow, Fabergé, and Bagel etc, are sure to get your insta feed and general state of life-satisfaction up a few notches.

#4 Weekend/Day Trip


Tired of sleeping in your own (or someone else’s) bed? Book a chalet somewhere around Montreal, and enjoy a weekend of skiing, snow-tubing, hiking, and general by-the-fireplace coziness. Aside from the obvious spots like Mont Tremblant, consider the Parc National des Grands-Jardins, or one of the forest ecolodges at Entre Cimes & Racines (they even have a cute hobbit house for any lord of the rings fans!).

#5 Oasis Surf


Surfing in Costa Rica has its perks, we admit. Yet having access to an amazing year-round indoor surfing spot, requiring only a quick drive to dix30 – has got to be the next best thing. They offer levels from beginner to expert, as well as a surf & turf menu and cocktails. Fun!! Assemble the squad and go laugh at each other.

#6 Bora Parc


Although we’ve never been, North America’s largest indoor waterpark recently opened next to Quebec City, and surely caught our attention. Featuring a massive wave pool, 15 water-slides, an adventure river, surf pool, and 9 bars/restaurants, the tropical-themed playground seems like a promising way to spend a Sunday with your besties.

10 Honest Thoughts About The Bachelor Season 21

It’s Monday night, which means time to put on some annoyingly addictive TV. We’re talking about the shows that you hate that you watch but you can’t go a week without keeping up to date. For us, that’s the Bachelor! I’ve been watching this show for years, and even though I find the dynamics and environment completely unrealistic in finding pure and relatable love, I can’t help but watch it and get attached to each contestant with every season that passes! So as an avid fan, I’m writing about some of my reoccurring thoughts and impressionable moments I’ve had during Nick’s season as the bachelor!

#1 Who is in charge of casting these women?!


From girls getting out of the limos in beautiful gowns, to wearing dolphin costumes, to another woman dismounting a camel while saying “I like to hump”, I seriously question whether half these women are here to actually “find love” or just for the show to make some money by ranking in some views.

#2 How do women have this many gowns?


This may be something that only I find myself asking pretty frequently throughout each season, but I’m serious! How do these women afford/ own all the gowns and cocktail dresses they need to wear on each rose ceremony and dates! They either borrow from all their girlfriends or take loans out from the banks to be able to buy all these amazing and bedazzled dresses!

#3 Nick’s level of casualty


Speaking of dressing up in gowns, is it just me or do you not find Nick particularly casually dressed throughout the entire season? During last week’s episode, Nick went on a one on one date with Danielle M. At the end of their evening they went for dinner and Danielle came out in this sexy red romper while Nick sat at dinner in a hoodie. Come on, you have a stylist on set with you, you aren’t paying for your clothing, can’t you put in a little bit of effort with your clothing at least?

#4 Why do they never eat the food

in front of them?

Of course when we go on dates, especially first dates, we tend to order food that is more attractive to eat! However, every single time Nick brings a woman on a dinner date, they end up sitting at a table with a plate of food in front of them and it’s never touched! Why take her to dinner if the food is just going to sit on the table looking all pretty?

#5 How much are they paying Corinne

to be on the show?

Whether you love her or hate her, you can’t help but laugh a little and enjoy the presence of the inappropriate and over the top Corinne. From her total diva moves, like refusing to clean up poop, her constant naps, and her ridiculously high (and clearly uncomfortable) Louboutin’s she is definitely high maintenance to say the least. However, somehow or another she’s managed to make it this far, but I’m not too certain it’s for her remarkable personality and maybe a little bit more for her Daddy’s million dollar company.

#6 The extravagant dates

Let’s be honest, if a guy picked you up from your house, brought you on a helicopter ride, spoiled you all day with champagne, hot tubs and delicious food, don’t you think the atmosphere itself would be doing a little bit too much work in making you fall for the guy right in front of you? Romance and sparks would definitely be flying if I felt like a princess on every date! But how about doing things that are more relatable like buying groceries and cooking a dinner together?

#7 The moment Corrine accused Vanessa

of not having depth..

This was an epic moment in last week’s episode! Corinne was feeling insecure that Vanessa got a one on one date and even congratulated her by calling her a “lucky bitch” with a snark attitude, and instead of distracting herself, she decided to rip on Vanessa’s character and call her shallow! Depth is working with special needs kids, it’s definitely not someone who works for her Dad and has a nanny at home! Gave me a good laugh!

#8 Leaving people on the island…

Every single season a moment like this seems to take place, and let me tell you it’s hilarious every time! As if going on a two on one wasn’t bad enough, one of the girls ends up getting dumped on the date and then watches as her ex-boyfriend gets to go off on a boat or helicopter ride as she sits by HERSELF on a deserted island. This is always one of the most dramatic scenes of the whole show.

#9 Nick do you need a tissue?

Just one? How about ten? This man is more emotional than me, and that’s saying a lot. I know this sounds slightly hypocritical considering most women search for a man who is more emotional and shows his feelings, but come on! Pull your shit together. If you’re crying every two seconds and second guessing if this whole process if even going to work, don’t you think that the women sitting in front of you, competing with each other to win you over are going to feel even more insecure? Take a breath and collect yourself, and grow a pair!

#10 Announcing the next bachelorette before

the show ends…


What is up with this? I was on Facebook and I stumbled upon multiple articles saying that Rachel was going to be the next Bachelorette! This totally threw me off and made me not watch Monday’s episode with as much intensity because I already know she doesn’t make it! Why can’t they just wait until after the final rose episode to announce it? They take away all the fun! But PS. I am super excited about the news and think she’s going to be a great bachelorette because she’s intelligent, beautiful and so well put together!


It’s been close to ten years since the last episode of Sex and the City aired on TV, so why is it that we are continuously glued to the TV when reruns or marathons are on? I’ll tell you why, it’s because this show is a f*cking masterpiece. When I was younger and stumbled upon old episodes playing, I immediately loved it because of the characters sense of humor and also because any girl with an interest in fashion can’t help but love all the looks and especially the enormous shoe collection each character has! 
However, as I got older and began to experience my own version of relationships, heartache and finding my “soulmates” of girlfriends, this show grew on me in a whole other level. Just recently I watched all of the season from start to end so I could piece together how every relationship and characters story unfolded. One of the most amazing things about this show is how unique each character is and how on some level we can each identify with one of the four women. Sex and the City talks about issues relating to sex, boyfriends, the life of a single girl and does it in a way that builds women up and makes them believe they should be confident and sexy. Each episode addresses issue that we all go through but are either way to shy or embarrassed to talk about! But while watching we laugh because we experience the “I’ve been there moment” and feel relief that we’re not alone! 
Sex and the City is by far one of my all time favorite series and I think that the older I get the more I’ll find pieces of it that I identify with! From the beauty, fashion, pain, smiles, tears and laughter, this show establishes the framework of amazing friendships and the image of the empowered, beautiful and sexy gal! Here’s a list of some of our favorite moments! 
Written by Emilie Berbrier

Why It’s Better To Be Single On Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day is bullshit (AKA If I don’t get something I’ll probably cry).

Raise your hands if you’ve caught yourselves feeling this way at least once today 🙋🙋🙋. But let’s be real for a moment: We’ve enjoyed being single every other day of the year, so why should today be any different? You can totally have an amazing day sans romance, and we’ve compiled a list of ways for you to do just that. Besides, what would Beyonce do? Queen B sure as h*ll wouldn’t be sitting around feeling sorry for herself and neither should you.

You’ve read our articles on how to find a S.O. in 2017, but what do you do when it’s Valentine’s Day, a S.O. is yet to be found, and everyone and everything gives you those single af feels? We got you – pour yourself a martini, and read this…

Count all the money you’re saving 💸💸💸💸


Not just on Valentine’s day, but relationships in general are expensive af. Between the birthday gifts, christmas gifts (throw in gifts for his family too), anniversaries, and not to mention all the money you spend on looking extra to keep the man counting his blessings, relationships can easily add up to well over a thousand (if not thousands) of dollars per year. If remembering that you get to keep all that cash to yourself doesn’t entice you to let out a devilish cackle, the next point should…

Treat yoself, pamper yoself, spoil yoself

Photo Via Rainspa

Since you’re not spending money on your S.O. today, you may as well invest it on keeping yourself in that “life is so damn good” state of mind. Book a spa day, take a trip to Sephora, go on a pinterest-induced redecorating binge, or pay a visit to your favourite clothing store and never look back.


You’ve been eating healthy all year long (or at least telling yourself to), so why not spend Valentine’s Day indulging in whatever you want – all day. No one will care, or notice for that matter. Besides, you’ll have plenty of time to hit the gym over the weekend since you won’t have to spend it with a man. Summer bodies may be made in the winter, but when you live in Montreal and it lasts 6 months, no one’s in a rush.

Bestie-Appreciation Day


What about non-romantic love? The love in your life isn’t limited to a man, and no one ever said Valentine’s Day was exclusively about him. Round up your girl squad for dinner at your place, make a fancy meal together, and spoil each other with luxe little gifts whilst drinking plenty of wine.

Vaca mode 💵💵💵💵

Via Getty Images

A trip > flowers. Going back to our realization that less bf = more 💵💵, why not use that money on treating your fine-ass self to a vacation? Be it a major getaway, or a few day road trip to NYC, who wouldn’t want to get out of Montreal in February?? Go re-charge those batteries (you’ll need them to plot your world domination).

Do whatever the f*** you want

Being in a relationship involves a lot of compromise – but sometimes all that compromise can get a little inconvenient and it sure feels good to indulge in your desires without worrying about anyone else’s. Spend today celebrating being able to do whatever you want, because remember that you’ll probably spend only a few of your best years single – and those years are worth cherishing. Next Valentine’s Day you may have a S.O…. so enjoy the single life while you still can!

In the words of Carrie, “ Maybe some women aren’t meant to be tamed. Maybe they’re meant to run free until they find someone just as wild to run with.” And today, of all days, is when you need to remember that.


Valentine’s Day Dream Date

So I asked some friends to come up with one TV character who they’d love to go on a dream date with… for some it came easy but for others the choice was quite difficult. Because I couldn’t pick one I narrowed it down to two… to kick things off let’s start with one of my choices:

Yup… Hank Moody made it to my top 2.

Name: Henry James “Hank” Moody

Occupation: Writer

Dream Date: Not a planned one. We meet at a bookstore, where I spot him right away since God Hates Us All was one of my favorite books. He asks to buy me a drink which I agree to of course and we end up at a bar where we drink whiskey of course and well… you know the rest.

Next let’s talk about one of my friends who literally took 0.2 seconds to come up with her answer… and when I told her to think about it, she said there was no need.



Name: Harvey Specter

Occupation: Lawyer

Dream Date: He picks her up in his Ford Mustang (same car Steve McQueen drove in Bullitt) – He takes her to a low key restaurant because to be honest she actually wants to have a conversation on this date (cause he’s not just a pretty face). They talk about family, career, long-term goals… and right before the bill comes she mentions her short-term goal is for him to take her back to his place – because we all know in the end Harvey likes to be dominated in the sack.



Name: Jack Pearson

Occupation: Architect

Dream Date:  To be honest, Randee would be perfectly happy with Jack taking her to a Steelers game even though she doesn’t watch football… only because it means she could wake up like this the next morning:




Name: Jake Ballard

Occupation: Director of the NSA

Dream Date: I think Amanda would be okay with the first half of the date to be dedicated to just looking at him – clothing optional. For the second half I would think a good bottle of wine would be involved, some great conversation and a second date marked in the calendar.



Name: Alex Karev

Occupation: Head of Pediatric Surgery

Dream Date: Their first encounter would be at Seattle Grace Hospital where she brought in a student who had an allergic reaction on Valentine’s Day (who remembers that episode?). She would notice him but he’d be pre-occupied with the kid (we’re talking new Alex here all grown up) – they’d see each other again later that night at Joe’s where they’d have some drinks and get to know each other.

I mean seriously… look at him:


Going to end this one off with my second pick… was a tough choice but if anyone knows me they know how much I want him to come back on one of my favourite TV shows.


Name: Steve/Jimmy

Occupation: Not sure

Dream Date: I must say i’d be perfectly fine with cooking a nice home-cooked meal in the Gallagher kitchen – bang back a couple of beers and enjoy some good old fashioned conversation with this crazy sexy man.

Big shoutout to Aww Sam for her Celebrity Heartthrob Valentine’s Day Balloons.

Happy Birthday Jen!

Today, this babe turns 48. Yup – you read that right F-O-U-R-T-Y- E-I-G-H-T.

In honour of her birthday we’d like to share some of our favourite Jennifer moments & why we love her.

#1 When she had to pretend to be engaged to impress her boss (oh boy have times changed)

#2 Pre- “we were on a break”

#3 Ultimate breakup revenge (also, great ad for Pepsi)

#4 Post – “we were on a break”

#5 When she could do more than cook

#6 When she did the Hula 

#7 When she proved she had “Unagi”

#8 When she proved she had a kinky side

#9 …and a sexy side

#10 Plus she’s an awesome friend (pun intended)

She’s also a really great writer – a must read in Huffington Post is her For The Record article. #WeLoveHer

How to meet your S.O. in 2017 (Part 2)

Via @CoupleGoals

Being single, taking care of yourself, and watching your career take off is a surefire way to be happy as can be. But at some point you may decide you’re ready to share that happiness with someone else, and are okay with the idea of sharing your life, home, fridge, and even (gasp) food with the right candidate. Whether you’ve been through too many bad dates, or got lost somewhere in the swipe-induced loophole, we’ve put together a guideline on how to get you out of the tinder dilemma and into a dating-pool of suitable options. You’ve already read our “How to Meet Your S.O. in 2017 Part 1”, so now let’s get to more tried and tested tips – Part 2.

Take Classes

Via Atelier et Saveurs

Via Atelier et Saveurs

With friends or alone, taking a class is a great way to meet people because you already share a common interest, which creates an automatic icebreaker for striking up conversation. Whether it be gym circuits, yoga, boxing, cooking classes, mixology workshops, a photography course, painting, dance, or even a language class, there’s a good chance you’ll develop a connection with one of your fellow classmates. *Opens google.*

Vernissages / Art Galleries / Exhibits

Via McCord Museum

Via McCord Museum

Vernissages and art shows can be fun even for the non-artsy, and Montreal’s Old Port is full of them. What’s usually a small semi-private gathering of 20-50 people, with a DJ, wine, and if you’re lucky – delicacies, can host an array of classy individuals. Since the vibe can be similar to a post-work 5a7 and the gathering is relatively small, the setting is perfect to meet a range of young and mid-aged professionals. Invite your new friends for a post-exhibit dinner, and who knows, perhaps you’ll be seeing one of them again.

However for those of us who are in fact art-savvy, meeting people at an art gallery or McCord Museum is super easy because you’re both standing there looking at the same thing. So why not strike up a conversation? Throw in a, “Do you know of any other exhibits in Montreal?” and there’s a good chance you’ll go check it out together.

Do Things Alone

Via Crew Collective & Café

Via Crew Collective & Café

What happens when you do things alone? You’re more likely to talk to people and people are more likely to talk to you. When you’re with friends, you’re less motivated to talk to a stranger, and people can be more intimidated to come up to you. However when you’re by yourself, it’s easier for someone to make a move and you’re more likely to start a conversation. Try going to Burgundy Lion by yourself to watch a hockey game, have a drink at your favourite restaurant’s bar, or just do some work at a gorgeous coffee shop like Crew Collective Cafe. You can even borrow your neighbor’s dog and hit up a dog park. The least you’ll get out of doing things alone is getting out of your comfort zone and feeling empowered af.

Weekend Ski Trip

Via Mont Tremblant Ski Resort

Via Mont Tremblant Ski Resort

The advantage to living in Montreal is that if ever you feel in need of a change, all you have to do is grab your friends and venture to one of our neighbouring ski towns, be it in Quebec or Vermont. Whether at the after-ski, mountain-top chalet, or ski town bars, there’s a good chance you’ll end up sitting next to someone you’ll be lured to get to know. And since Montrealers love to ski, the odds of meeting someone attractive are definitely in you favour.

Travel Solo

Via Club Med

Via Club Med

For those who feel they need a serious changeup in dating scenery, travel can be a great way to meet people. You’ll have less expectations and will be forced into situations where you’ll meet new people every step of your way. Consider getting a job abroad for a year or two. You’ll be sprung into an array of new social circles and coworkers, and with them, new dating options and hunting grounds. One of our friends met her now hubby (who happened to also be a Montrealer) while working at Club Med!

Sounds nerve racking? We get you, traveling alone does require a bit of ballsiness. But trust us, you’ll feel like you grew balls of steel once you get comfortable outside your comfort zone.

Happy hunting ladies and gents!