October 8, 2015 Dreamers

Dreams Loves PK Subban

A pretty amazing commercial for Boston Pizza Canada got released recently and the star? No other than Montreal’s PK Subban. In this commercial the hockey star/philanthropist delivers a pizza to Quebec guy and slap shots the pizza box inside his home.


PK Subban has been seen on quite a few commercials and TV appearances lately, whether it’s for sports or endorsements, it’s always a pleasure to get a bit of PK on tv! Not only does he have great humour, but apparently the biggest heart for philanthropy with his recent donation of 10 Million dollars to the Montreal’s Children’s hospital. His donation was said to be the biggest philanthropic commitment by a sports figure in Canadian history.


He doesn’t stop there – the defence man for the Montreal Canadiens stated that the amount is only a minimum of what he will be donating. He also committed to raise funds for the hospital for seven years as a spokesman.

As a thank you from the Montreal’s Children’s Hospital, they have named their three-storey atrium in honour of Subban.

The partnership will also include a fund dedicated to assisting families financially hurt by a child’s illness. “Helping Hand”. This will be dedicated to making sure that parent’s will not have to worry about paying medical bills or food or medicine… and they will be able to focus on making sure their child gets better.

So on that note, THANK YOU PK SUBBAN from the Dreams MKTG team for being a constant inspiration.

Written by Kay De Courval

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