October 27, 2015 Dreamers

Happn – Creepy or not?

Well the day has finally come guys. To all those times you’ve crossed someone’s path and had that person caught up in your head wondering “WHY did I not say hi?” – Or to that person that you had a great conversation with but did not take their number or their name… the solution is now here.

The creators of the app ‘Happn’ thought to themselves, “why should we go on dating websites when we meet so many new people everyday, in real life?” Fabien Cohen, Didier Rappaport and Antony Cohen decided to create an app that gives you the power to find a person you’ve crossed paths with again, and to get in touch with them.

The app was created in Paris in 2014 and since then it has accumulated thousands of new people. The app let’s you sync your Facebook profile, letting you write a little caption, showing your current occupation and also shows you if you have any mutual Facebook friends. Kinda sounds like Tinder no? It also lets you “Like” or “X” that person… Hmm…


The app also shows you the exact location where you encountered that person. If you decide to “Like” someone you may then check out their profile at any time and see the last time you ran into each other… a little creepy I must say. The fun part, they won’t find out if you “Liked” them unless the interest is mutual!

If you wish to be noticed you can charm them and send them a notification. There is a catch though, for men, it costs 1 credit to charm a woman. Once you have a mutual interest with someone you can then start a conversation.

To those who don’t mind having someone know when they are close to you at all times and is fed up of Tinder, I would recommend this app, and hey, maybe this will help you with finding that long lost love at first sight!

Written by Kay De Courval

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