March 1, 2016 Dreamers

PSA: “Mac N Cheese Week” is coming to Montreal

The Crispy Bacon Mac N Cheese from Taverne Gaspar

@EVERYONE EVERYWHERE IN MONTREAL. Starting Monday, March 7, there will be a food festival dedicated to most amazing of all comfort foods: Mac N Cheese. If you don’t like the sound of that, please stop reading now and go back to warming your frozen tastebuds.

Created by the people at Le Cheese, Montreal’s second annual Mac N Cheese Week will run from March 7-13, and feature delicious and inventive takes on the classic cheesy dish we all know and love.

The list of restaurants participating is over 30 and still growing, so even the most active “Mac N Cheese Hopper” won’t get bored with the offerings. We’re especially excited to try the Lobster Mac N Cheese from Suite 701 and the Bacon Mac N Cheese from Taverne Gaspar.

Here’s an interactive map with all the restaurants participating in Mac N Cheese Week so far. For those interested in taking in the beauty of Old Montreal while stuffing their faces full of cheesy goodness, we planned out a walking tour of five excellent restaurants in Old Port that ends by the water!

The only part about this festival that doesn’t make sense is that its only a week, because Mac N Cheese is the one food that nobody could never get tired of. If you’re a hardcore Mac N Cheese lover and can’t wait a week to get your fix, fan the flames of your excitement by following this Instagram.

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