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10 Honest Thoughts About The Bachelor Season 21

It’s Monday night, which means time to put on some annoyingly addictive TV. We’re talking about the shows that you hate that you watch but you can’t go a week without keeping up to date. For us, that’s the Bachelor! I’ve been watching this show for years, and even though I find the dynamics and environment completely unrealistic in finding pure and relatable love, I can’t help but watch it and get attached to each contestant with every season that passes! So as an avid fan, I’m writing about some of my reoccurring thoughts and impressionable moments I’ve had during Nick’s season as the bachelor!

#1 Who is in charge of casting these women?!


From girls getting out of the limos in beautiful gowns, to wearing dolphin costumes, to another woman dismounting a camel while saying “I like to hump”, I seriously question whether half these women are here to actually “find love” or just for the show to make some money by ranking in some views.

#2 How do women have this many gowns?


This may be something that only I find myself asking pretty frequently throughout each season, but I’m serious! How do these women afford/ own all the gowns and cocktail dresses they need to wear on each rose ceremony and dates! They either borrow from all their girlfriends or take loans out from the banks to be able to buy all these amazing and bedazzled dresses!

#3 Nick’s level of casualty


Speaking of dressing up in gowns, is it just me or do you not find Nick particularly casually dressed throughout the entire season? During last week’s episode, Nick went on a one on one date with Danielle M. At the end of their evening they went for dinner and Danielle came out in this sexy red romper while Nick sat at dinner in a hoodie. Come on, you have a stylist on set with you, you aren’t paying for your clothing, can’t you put in a little bit of effort with your clothing at least?

#4 Why do they never eat the food

in front of them?

Of course when we go on dates, especially first dates, we tend to order food that is more attractive to eat! However, every single time Nick brings a woman on a dinner date, they end up sitting at a table with a plate of food in front of them and it’s never touched! Why take her to dinner if the food is just going to sit on the table looking all pretty?

#5 How much are they paying Corinne

to be on the show?

Whether you love her or hate her, you can’t help but laugh a little and enjoy the presence of the inappropriate and over the top Corinne. From her total diva moves, like refusing to clean up poop, her constant naps, and her ridiculously high (and clearly uncomfortable) Louboutin’s she is definitely high maintenance to say the least. However, somehow or another she’s managed to make it this far, but I’m not too certain it’s for her remarkable personality and maybe a little bit more for her Daddy’s million dollar company.

#6 The extravagant dates

Let’s be honest, if a guy picked you up from your house, brought you on a helicopter ride, spoiled you all day with champagne, hot tubs and delicious food, don’t you think the atmosphere itself would be doing a little bit too much work in making you fall for the guy right in front of you? Romance and sparks would definitely be flying if I felt like a princess on every date! But how about doing things that are more relatable like buying groceries and cooking a dinner together?

#7 The moment Corrine accused Vanessa

of not having depth..

This was an epic moment in last week’s episode! Corinne was feeling insecure that Vanessa got a one on one date and even congratulated her by calling her a “lucky bitch” with a snark attitude, and instead of distracting herself, she decided to rip on Vanessa’s character and call her shallow! Depth is working with special needs kids, it’s definitely not someone who works for her Dad and has a nanny at home! Gave me a good laugh!

#8 Leaving people on the island…

Every single season a moment like this seems to take place, and let me tell you it’s hilarious every time! As if going on a two on one wasn’t bad enough, one of the girls ends up getting dumped on the date and then watches as her ex-boyfriend gets to go off on a boat or helicopter ride as she sits by HERSELF on a deserted island. This is always one of the most dramatic scenes of the whole show.

#9 Nick do you need a tissue?

Just one? How about ten? This man is more emotional than me, and that’s saying a lot. I know this sounds slightly hypocritical considering most women search for a man who is more emotional and shows his feelings, but come on! Pull your shit together. If you’re crying every two seconds and second guessing if this whole process if even going to work, don’t you think that the women sitting in front of you, competing with each other to win you over are going to feel even more insecure? Take a breath and collect yourself, and grow a pair!

#10 Announcing the next bachelorette before

the show ends…


What is up with this? I was on Facebook and I stumbled upon multiple articles saying that Rachel was going to be the next Bachelorette! This totally threw me off and made me not watch Monday’s episode with as much intensity because I already know she doesn’t make it! Why can’t they just wait until after the final rose episode to announce it? They take away all the fun! But PS. I am super excited about the news and think she’s going to be a great bachelorette because she’s intelligent, beautiful and so well put together!

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