February 27, 2017 Dreamers

Love her or Hate her…

Love her or hate her, you simply can’t avoid her! We’re talking about the twenty-four year old Corinne Olympios from this season of The Bachelor. From coming onto the show and disclaiming that she has a nanny, owns a multimillion-dollar business and still lives at home, you can’t help but laugh a little when thinking about her possibly becoming engaged to Nick at the end of this season. With all that aside, Corinne has managed to make this one of the most entertaining seasons of the Bachelor thus far. From her random naps, quitting group dates because she doesn’t do “chores” to being completely outspoken on group dates and in her interviews, she definitely has a personality that belongs on reality TV! Here are our top 10 favorite Corinne moments:

When Corinne took the group photoshoot into

her own HANDS…

When Corrine’s dad asked her if she was

in love with Nick and she answered yes followed

by this statement….

When Corinne couldn’t understand why everyone

was shocked to find out that she had a nanny, when

the women there are competing to become wives

and eventually mothers….

When she realized the farm life wasn’t for her…

When she ripped on Taylor’s profession and

degree from Johns Hopkins University (one

of the most difficult and prestigious

schools in the world)

When Corinne’s just casually bought Nick a $3,000

outfit during her hometown date…

When she got plastered on the group

volleyball date!

When she ordered her own blow-up bouncy

house to the mansion and threw her own

party in there with Nick in front of the

other women

When she made it clear that she needs to be in

the spotlight 24/7…

And last but not least…this:

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