February 25, 2017 Dreamers

6 Ways To Feel Like You’re On Vacation When You’re Not…

Say hello to spring break season, the time of year when the restless feels start creeping in and your insta feed starts getting flooded with #jetset photos from where you’d rather be. Our winter may have been a mild one, yet vacation-mode is still a much needed thing – right? So what to do when travelling is not an imminent possibility because you’re either way too busy, too broke, or the more likely scenario: a bit of both? Luckily almost everything you would do on vacation you can do in or around Montreal, and while it’s nice to get out of town every now and then, we’re here to ensure you feel those vacation vibes in the meantime. This is how…

#1 Spas


Via Balnea Spa

The spas in Montreal and the surrounding areas are guaranteed to give you the feels. Some of them, like Spa Nordic or Balnea Spa, are completely surrounded by wilderness and are built next to natural rivers and lakes. Others like Bota Bota, Rainspa, or Spa Scandinave, are an urban oasis which you could stop by on any given weekday. Whichever one you choose, you’re sure to be no less zoned out and pampered than you would be on vacation.

#2 Food & Vibes

One thing we all love to do while travelling is eat amazing food that we don’t normally treat ourselves to at home. That’s too bad since the amount of 5 star restaurants with amazing menus and perfect vibes is through the roof in Montreal. Our favourites? Barocco, Chasse et Peche, Restaurant Helena, and Provisions Restaurant are to name a few. Want to truly feel like you’re traveling? Visit one of the many international spots such as the Portuguese Ferreira Café, the ambient Kyo Bar Japonais, or the cute and laid back Arepera du Plateau.

#3 Brunch

Via Le Cartet

Via Le Cartet

If you’re not brunching on vacation, is it really vacation? Fortunately Montreal is equipped with brunch spots that are no less instagram-model approved than the likes of Paris or NYC. Our favourites, like Le Cartet, Maison Boulud, Suite 701, Verses Restaurant, Sparrow, Fabergé, and Bagel etc, are sure to get your insta feed and general state of life-satisfaction up a few notches.

#4 Weekend/Day Trip


Tired of sleeping in your own (or someone else’s) bed? Book a chalet somewhere around Montreal, and enjoy a weekend of skiing, snow-tubing, hiking, and general by-the-fireplace coziness. Aside from the obvious spots like Mont Tremblant, consider the Parc National des Grands-Jardins, or one of the forest ecolodges at Entre Cimes & Racines (they even have a cute hobbit house for any lord of the rings fans!).

#5 Oasis Surf


Surfing in Costa Rica has its perks, we admit. Yet having access to an amazing year-round indoor surfing spot, requiring only a quick drive to dix30 – has got to be the next best thing. They offer levels from beginner to expert, as well as a surf & turf menu and cocktails. Fun!! Assemble the squad and go laugh at each other.

#6 Bora Parc


Although we’ve never been, North America’s largest indoor waterpark recently opened next to Quebec City, and surely caught our attention. Featuring a massive wave pool, 15 water-slides, an adventure river, surf pool, and 9 bars/restaurants, the tropical-themed playground seems like a promising way to spend a Sunday with your besties.

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