March 13, 2017 Dreamers

iTunes for Oral Sex?

The things our phone’s do these days are seriously incredible. From FaceTiming across long distances, capturing moments with a relatively good lens, to being able to run a business and network through your device, it is seriously quite incredible. Our phones have become an essential part of our communicative world and our go to accessory when leaving the house. According to recent news on iTunes, our phones are even making an appearance in our sex lives. We’re not talking about your average late night chat over the phone, your inappropriate snaps or sexy FaceTime calls, we’re talking about apps that are specifically designed to induce arousal.
Yes you read that correctly! There is now an “iTunes for Oral Sex” section. A couple of months ago the webcam platforms CamSoda released an app called O-Cast. This app invites users to use their imagination and some oral dexterity to mimic the action of giving a woman oral pleasure. Users are encouraged to actually lick their phone screens as the app records them and then upload it to the website for people to choose to send to their own or other connected vibrators through a Bluetooth connection!
Pros To O-Cast:
  1. You can customize the job just to your likings
  2. You don’t need a man or a woman to get satisfaction
  3. You can experience new ways of pleasure from strangers without having to leave your house
  4. It’s all online and allows you to be anonymous
  5. No complaining about having a sore jaw 😉
Cons To O-Cast:
  1. You may (probably will) look absolutely ridiculous doing this to your phone screen
  2. Do you know how many germs are on your phone? This requires serious sterilization before licking your screen
  3. Seems like a lot of work to get the accuracy of it
  4. Might be a weird feeling receiving virtual pleasure from a complete stranger
  5. Its slightly embarrassing to realize how lazy society has become that you now need to result to your phone for some action
So ladies and gents, if you’re feeling tired of the same old vibrations and maneuvers of your vibrators or real life partners, look no further then right down at your very own screen!
Written by Emilie Berbrier
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