Calling all jokesters and insensitive assholes!! Your favorite holiday of the year has arrived! For most people, April 1st is the sign of spring, where the snow (not so much in Montreal) disappears and you start to transition your closet into your lighter clothing! However, for a small part of the population, this date signifies a day of carte blanche where almost every joke and/or prank can somehow manage to be excusable.
From telling your in-laws you’re pregnant, to putting plastic wrap on the toilet seat, to even news outlets publishing ridiculously false stories, so many people get a kick out of playing jokes on their loved ones. I don’t know about you but often I end up being the one pranked and not doing the pranking myself. And each year, I always warn myself a day in advance to look out for any suspicious behavior and each year I fall for it time and time again! Well this year I’m putting my foot down and doing a little reverse role play here!
Considering most of us are glued to our phones and rely on them way too much, I figured why not use this to my advantage and find ways to annoy people with the one thing I know they’ll lose patience over! Here is a list of the 5 best April Fools pranks you can pull on your family and friends by doing simple things to their iPhone!
#1: Contact Shuffle:
Step 1. Go into their Contacts app on their phone
Step 2. Find your name in their contact list
Step 3. Change your name to someone else and watch them be so confused as to how your conversations don’t align
#2: Auto-Correct Shortcuts 
Step 1. Go on your friend’s phone and go to Settings > General > Keyboard > Add New Shortcut
Step. 2 Change “no” to any word you want (could be something inappropriate or even “yes” works)
#3: Endless Typing:
There’s really nothing more annoying than anxiously waiting a text from someone when you see they are busy typing away, so why not make that suspense last forever?
Step 1. Download a GIF of three typing dots
Step. 2 Write to your friend saying “Did you hear what happened last night?” or “I need to talk to you”
Step 3. Send the GIF and watch them squirm
#4: Frozen Home screen 
Step 1. Take a screenshot of your friend’s home screen (press the Power + Home buttons at the same time)
Step 2. Hold the Home button until their apps start wiggling.
Step 3. Drag all their Home Screen apps to the right onto another screen. Press the Home button when done to stop the wiggling.
Step 4. Go to Settings > Wallpapers & Brightness > Choose A New Wallpaper and set their Home Screen wallpaper to the screenshot you just took.
Conclusion: Now, when they tap the apps on their home screen, nothing will happen
#5: Trapped in an App 
Step 1. On your friend’s phone, go to Settings > General > Accessibility
Step 2. Turn on Guided Access.
Step 3. Open a boring app (like Weather)
Step 4. Press the Home button 3x.
Step 5. Enter a passcode.
Conclusion: Now your friend can’t quit the app without the passcode.
Written by Emilie Berbrier

6 Ways To Feel Like You’re On Vacation When You’re Not…

Say hello to spring break season, the time of year when the restless feels start creeping in and your insta feed starts getting flooded with #jetset photos from where you’d rather be. Our winter may have been a mild one, yet vacation-mode is still a much needed thing – right? So what to do when travelling is not an imminent possibility because you’re either way too busy, too broke, or the more likely scenario: a bit of both? Luckily almost everything you would do on vacation you can do in or around Montreal, and while it’s nice to get out of town every now and then, we’re here to ensure you feel those vacation vibes in the meantime. This is how…

#1 Spas


Via Balnea Spa

The spas in Montreal and the surrounding areas are guaranteed to give you the feels. Some of them, like Spa Nordic or Balnea Spa, are completely surrounded by wilderness and are built next to natural rivers and lakes. Others like Bota Bota, Rainspa, or Spa Scandinave, are an urban oasis which you could stop by on any given weekday. Whichever one you choose, you’re sure to be no less zoned out and pampered than you would be on vacation.

#2 Food & Vibes

One thing we all love to do while travelling is eat amazing food that we don’t normally treat ourselves to at home. That’s too bad since the amount of 5 star restaurants with amazing menus and perfect vibes is through the roof in Montreal. Our favourites? Barocco, Chasse et Peche, Restaurant Helena, and Provisions Restaurant are to name a few. Want to truly feel like you’re traveling? Visit one of the many international spots such as the Portuguese Ferreira Café, the ambient Kyo Bar Japonais, or the cute and laid back Arepera du Plateau.

#3 Brunch

Via Le Cartet

Via Le Cartet

If you’re not brunching on vacation, is it really vacation? Fortunately Montreal is equipped with brunch spots that are no less instagram-model approved than the likes of Paris or NYC. Our favourites, like Le Cartet, Maison Boulud, Suite 701, Verses Restaurant, Sparrow, Fabergé, and Bagel etc, are sure to get your insta feed and general state of life-satisfaction up a few notches.

#4 Weekend/Day Trip


Tired of sleeping in your own (or someone else’s) bed? Book a chalet somewhere around Montreal, and enjoy a weekend of skiing, snow-tubing, hiking, and general by-the-fireplace coziness. Aside from the obvious spots like Mont Tremblant, consider the Parc National des Grands-Jardins, or one of the forest ecolodges at Entre Cimes & Racines (they even have a cute hobbit house for any lord of the rings fans!).

#5 Oasis Surf


Surfing in Costa Rica has its perks, we admit. Yet having access to an amazing year-round indoor surfing spot, requiring only a quick drive to dix30 – has got to be the next best thing. They offer levels from beginner to expert, as well as a surf & turf menu and cocktails. Fun!! Assemble the squad and go laugh at each other.

#6 Bora Parc


Although we’ve never been, North America’s largest indoor waterpark recently opened next to Quebec City, and surely caught our attention. Featuring a massive wave pool, 15 water-slides, an adventure river, surf pool, and 9 bars/restaurants, the tropical-themed playground seems like a promising way to spend a Sunday with your besties.

Our New Favorite Food Trend

Here at Dreams MKTG, we are huge foodies. We love going out and trying new places for dinner, driving to the ends of the city just for the best donuts and we start our days off talking about what we’re going to eat on our lunch break! So, when we heard that two of our favorite worlds were colliding, we couldn’t be more excited! We’re talking about the latest trending food discovery the SUSHI BURRITO!


The sushirrito (part sushi, part burrito), which is filled with all your favorite sushi roll ingredients, wrapped and served in the form of a burrito, is what we like to call comfort food. Although this trend kicked off in the states, Montreal was not slow in picking up on this successful creation by actually opening up their own spot that makes sushirritos. Moushi, located at 5209 Boulevard Decarie, is a new spot that is now Montreal’s very own sushi burrito restaurant and you don’t want to miss out on their colorful and delicious creations!


Picture via @healthynibblesandbits

If you’re not in the mood to leave the house, no worries! This delicacy can be easily made in the comfort of your own home with minimal ingredients! We know that everyone has their own preferences when it comes to what they like in their sushi rolls, so whether its grilled chicken, salmon, tuna, crab, avocado and so on, grab all the ingredients you enjoy as well as some sushi rice and roasted sushi seaweed (nori) and let the buritto making begin! Here is the recipe 🙌

Written by Emilie Berbrier

Top 5 Netflix Originals This Fall

With the chilly weather setting in, there’s nothing more that we’re looking forward to than sitting in bed with a warm blanket and indulging ourselves into some TV until we lose track of time. So, to kick off this season of immobility we’ve created a top 5 suggestion list of this year’s trending Netflix shows for you to binge watch! Grab and blanket, maybe even a partner and get ready to get hooked!


This Netflix Original is an American science fiction drama series. This series tells the story of eight strangers from all different parts of the world who experience a vision of a violent death of a woman. The story unfolds as we follow these confused and beautiful people as they try to understand this strange connection that has brought them all together.

Watch trailer.

Stranger Things 

There seriously has not been any shortage of this topic coming up in conversation and there’s no surprise why! Stranger Things is the latest Netflix original series that has been released and it has grabbed attention by the masses. This 8 episode series is about the story of a young boy who mysteriously disappears. His mother, police officer and friends must confront terrifying forces in order to get him back! This show is seriously not something to miss out on!

Watch trailer.

House of Cards

If you’ve found yourself glued to the TV with the recent political catastrophe, then this show is definitely up your alley! House of card is no won it’s 5th season and we don’t see this slowing down anytime soon! This series is an American political drama web television series that focusses on the story of Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey) who after being appointed as Secretary of State, initiates an elaborate plan to get himself into a position of greater power through power ideals and manipulation!

Watch trailer.


Brace yourselves to see one-hundred Pablo Escobar costumes this coming Halloween and it’s no wonder why, because his character is quite impressionable! Narcos is another Netflix original series set in Colombia that depicts the story of notorious drug dealer Pablo Escobar who became a billionaire through he production and distribution of cocaine. If you’re into crime and action then this is seriously not something to miss out on!

Watch trailer.
Amanda Knox 

If you found yourself hooked on Making a Murderer then this will be your new favorite show! This Netflix documentary places the microscope on the real life story of the allegedly accused murderer Amanda Knox and her boyfriend. This series shows every angle of the investigations and crime of how the situation unfolded to the aftermath of everyone’s lives that were affected!

Watch trailer.

Written by Emilie Berbrier.

If it wasn’t illegal, would you…

We live in an ever evolving and chaotic world where breaking news happens literally every minute that passes. Because of the uniqueness of every individual’s religion, beliefs and outlook on the world, it is crucial that we have outside reinforcements such as the government and the state, implement laws so we learn to function as civilized and cohesive beings (or at least try to anyhow). But here’s a thought, what if for one day all the rules and laws that we have been trained to abide by, did not exist? What would you really feel comfortable doing knowing there would be no punishments to pay at the end of the day, and your reputation would not be damaged for life? Of course many of you reading this won’t be brave enough to admit you would do half of these things because this is an unrealistic situation, but give yourself a moment to actually think about it! Living in the ultimate free and careless world is terrifying but could also be extremely fun…


#1 If it wasn’t illegal, would you… rob a bank?

Truthfully, anyone who doesn’t say yes to this answer is simply lying. Of course you would put on your typical movie scene outfit, grab a large duffle bag and walk in there confidently and just grab handfuls of cash and walk out.


#2 If it wasn’t illegal, would you…dine and dash?


#3 If it wasn’t illegal, would you…

kidnap all the dogs from pet stores?

Yes. It’s crazy how many times I’ve actually considered doing this regardless of this fictitious day.


#4 If it wasn’t illegal, would you…

steal a plane and fly it across the world?


#5 If it wasn’t illegal, would you…

walk into your favorite store and grab everything

you liked off the hangers and walk out?


#6 If it wasn’t illegal, would you…

go into a car dealership and drive out of there

in your dream car?


#7 If it wasn’t illegal, would you…

actually kill someone?

This is a loaded question obviously, which most of us wouldn’t even discuss out loud. However did you not just think to yourself of the one person you really have it out for? Let’s be honest…

Just for reference, we’re not suggesting you do any of this! But we’re just giving you fun and adventurous things to fantasize about… 😉

Written by Emilie Berbrier

8 Myths You Thought Were True

#1 Bubble-gum takes seven years to digest


Claim: You shouldn’t swallow your chewing gum because it takes seven years for the body to digest.

Truth: We’ve all heard this one, or some version of it — that God forbid, if you accidentally swallow your gum, it’s going to be stuck in your stomach for nearly a decade.

This myth may have partly evolved from the fact that chewing gum is indigestible by the human body. But this simply means the body can’t break it down; the body will still move it through the digestive system just as effectively as anything else you eat.

“Most people empty their stomachs 30 to 120 minutes after eating, and that includes gum,” explains Dr. Nancy McGreal.


#2 Your heart stops when you sneeze

Claim: Every time you sneeze your heart stops for a split second

Truth: “A sneeze begins with a tickling sensation in the nerve endings that sends a message to your brain that it needs to rid itself of something irritating the lining of your nose. You first take a deep breath and hold it, which tightens your chest muscles. The pressure of air in your lungs increases, you close your eyes, your tongue presses against the roof of your mouth and suddenly your breath comes out fast through your nose.” This in no way has to do with heart, hence it doesn’t stop every time you sneeze.


#3 You swallow spiders in your sleep 

Claim: In our sleep, we swallow on average 8 spiders a year

Truth: Luckily for all of us, the “fact” that people swallow eight spiders in their sleep yearly isn’t true. Not even close. The myth flies in the face of both spider and human biology, which makes it highly unlikely that a spider would ever end up in your mouth.


#4 Knuckle cracking causes arthritis


Claim: “Cracking joints” and “popping knuckles” is one of the many causes of arthritis

Truth: Knuckle “cracking” has not been shown to be harmful or beneficial. More specifically, knuckle cracking does not cause arthritis.

Joint “cracking” can result from a negative pressure pulling nitrogen gas temporarily into the joint, such as when knuckles are “cracked.” This is not harmful.


#5 Coca-Cola can dissolve a penny over night


Claim: If you leave a tooth, nail, penny, piece of meat, etc., in a glass of Coke overnight, it will have completely dissolved the next morning.

Truth: There are plenty of reasons to cut back on your soda intake, but this is not one of them. This widespread myth was often used as a warning to soda drinkers: “Imagine what it could do to your insides!” 

But here’s the thing: While Coca-Cola can eventually dissolve such items as teeth over time (not overnight) due to its citric acid and phosphoric acid content, so can plenty of other things we eat and drink. The pH level of Coca-Cola is even less than that of an orange, so if you’re worried about soda’s corrosive abilities, you should probably quit the OJ too.


#6 Multiply how old a dog is by seven

to find out its real age


Claim: Calculate a dog’s age by multiplying human years’ times seven.

Truth: Recent research and media have reported this method as outdated. By the time your dog is one-year-old she’s already a teenager, and extra years get added as the dog gets older. Check this chart here for exact conversion.


#7   Muscles weighs more than fat

Claim: In the human body, our muscle mass is denser, so it weighs more than our fat.

Truth: “A pound is a pound!” Common sense tells us a pound of muscle and a pound of fat have to weigh the same, but they do differ in density. This means if you look at five pounds of muscle and five pounds of fat side by side, the fat takes up more volume, or space, than the muscle. So if there’s something to be said, it’s that fat weighs more than muscle.


#8  The 5 second rule


Claim: If you drop food on the floor and pick it up within 5 seconds, you can still eat it because it’s yet to be contaminated.

Truth: This so-called rule says food is ok to eat if you pick it up in 5 seconds or less. Believe it or not, scientists have tested the rule. We’re sorry to report it’s not necessarily true. Bacteria can attach itself to your food even if you pick it up super-fast.

So food left there for 5 seconds or less will probably collect fewer bacteria than food sitting there for a longer time. Fast may not be fast enough.

Bacteria can attach to your food as soon as it hits the floor. That means food left on the floor for an instant can get contaminated if conditions are right.

Top 10 Osheaga Essentials

Annnddd we’re back for another year of music festivities! For all you Montrealer’s, we’re sure you know all about what’s happening this weekend… the annual Osheaga music festival at Parc Jean-Drapeau. This year, like every other year, tickets went in a flash and we understand why! For all you Red Hot Chili Pepper, Lana Del Ray, and house music fans, I’m sure you’re just as ready to quick off this music festival in high gear! As much fun as music festivals are from being outside during in the sun, to eating good food, and drinking all afternoon we know that they can also be exhausting and a little unsanitary to say the least. SO given that Osheaga starts this afternoon, we figured we would give you a little list and pointers to consider buying or using to make your music festival experience a little bit more enjoyable!

#1 A Fanny Pack


Girls this one is an absolute must! Because you will be doing a lot of walking around and sliding up against strangers in a crowd, it’s important to keep your belonging close to you. That being said, you don’t want to be walking around with large purses nor have annoying straps get into your way. Fanny packs are essential because you can be hands free while having all your products close by! You can find simple or more fashion forward bags anywhere from Forever21, American Apparel, American Eagle, Urban Outfitters etc.


#2 A Pair Of Sunglasses


Besides the fact that sunglasses are the perfect accessory to add some color or edge to your outfit, you’re also going to need these to block out the sun while getting a good view of who’s performing on stage. Recently I have discovered that sunglasses have become a big trend, so fortunately many stores are creating knock off looks of higher brands. If you’re looking for a cute pair for under $30 go to Aldo, Zara, H&M and Forever21.

#3 A Hat


A hat is also another great accessory that you happen to see a lot of at music festivals like Osheaga. It’s the perfect way to make any outfit have a more boho and festival vibe to it, however, it’s also great to give you some shade and protect you from being in the sun all day! For cute hat recommendations I would stop by Forever21, Aldo and American Eagle.


#4 Running Shoes



Although dressing in style is always important so is comfort. Especially when you’re going to be on your feet all day! Thankfully running shoes have made their way to the top of fashionable footwear. Screw the cute booties and sandals, throw on a pair of running shoes with your jean shorts or summer dresses so you can actually last the whole day and night dancing.


#5 A Portable Charger


This is a genius idea. We know you’ll be snapping pictures and taking Snapchats the entire weekend, which drains your battery in two seconds. And, considering you’ll be in a park theres not going to be any outlets, which is why this charge comes in handy! You can purchase one of these at Editorial boutique on Stanley as any Apple store and most electronic stores.



#6 Pocket Pack Kleenex


You’re going to be thanking us for this one later! After waiting in line to use the bathroom, there’s nothing worse than discovering theres no toilet paper left! So here you go! Your very own supplies.

#7 Blotting Papers


These are genius. These Cool Mint Blotting Papers are $10 from Sephora and will save your life. After standing in the blistering heat and sweating, just take one of these wipes to clear your skin and refresh your face with their mint flavouring!

#8 Mini Deodorant


This travel size deodorant is perfect to fit into your small purse and comes in handy after sweating and rubbing up against everybody in the crowds! You don’t want to forget to throw that in your purse on your way out!

#9 Reusable Water Bottles


These water “bottles” (more like bags) are amazing! If you don’t want to waste $8 on a water bottle then just bring one of these and clip them onto the strap or band of your purse! They’re light and the perfect thing to have nearby so you don’t get dehydrated.

#10 A Card Holder


Leave your big chunky wallet at home and grab yourself this $7 cardholder from Forever21! You can put your bills in a pocket in your fanny pack and leave your ID and credit cards in this perfectly thin sized wallet!

We hope you have the best time at this years Osheaga music festival and hope you found this tips helpful in making your experience the most enjoyable!

Written by Emilie Berbrier

Dreams Loves Summer Cocktails

With the recent heat wave we’ve been experiencing here in Montreal, it’s safe to say we all need to stay indoors or find some summer refreshments to cool us down. That being said, we’ve created a list of our top three favorite summer cocktails that are perfect for any summer event or party.

After a long grey and white winter, Summer is the season to introduce color and brightness back into your life and that includes your diet as well. These three summer cocktails are anything short of bright, colorful and refreshing!


Cocktail #1: The Paloma Cocktail 


When you’re walking outside on a hot summer’s day in the intense humidity and you’re in desperate need of something to quench your thirst, what is one of the first things you think of? For me, it’s lemonade. This Paloma cocktail is the perfect version of an “adult” lemonade. Besides for the beautiful baby pink color this cocktail has to offer, it is the perfect balance between sweetness and tartness.


  • 2 oz. tequila
  • 3 oz. citrus sparkling water
  • 3 oz. grapefruit juice
  • 5 Tbsp. simple syrup
  • Juice of ½ lime
  • Ice


  • Combine all liquid ingredients in a glass
  • Mix well
  • Add ice
  • Drink & enjoy


Cocktail #2: Watermelon Frosé


What is a frosé you ask? Well that’s a great question! This term is a combination of two of our favorite things… the first is rosé and the second one is frozen. If you’re a wine drinker like we are then you have to admit rosé is the best, for it’s pink and ideally the iconic symbol of summer! Now this recipe is totally amazing because it’s practically a fruity smoothie with just a hint of alcohol. Whip it up in your blender and poor it into a thermos on your way to the office and no one will ask a single question!


  • 1 cup of frozen seedless watermelon cubes
  • 12 ounces of rosé (1/2 a bottle)
  • 1/4 cup of raw sugar
  • 1/4 teaspoon of salt


  • In a blender, put in all ingredients!
  • Pulse the blender a few times
  • Let the blender run for a few minutes to break down watermelon
  • Poor, serve & enjoy!


Cocktail #3: Frozen Pineapple Mango Daiquiri


Couldn’t find the time this summer to escape to an all-inclusive? Don’t worry, we’re bringing the beach and drinks right to your backyard! With this fruity, smooth, cold and not so sweet cocktail, just sip away and let these flavors transport you to the islands!


  • 4 ounces white rum
  • 2 ounces fresh squeezed lime juice
  • 1 cup fresh pineapple, cubed
  • 1 cup fresh or frozen mango
  • 1/4 cup filtered water
  • 1 cup crushed ice
  • Pineapple wedges for garnish


  • Add all ingredients to a blender
  • Blend until smooth consistency
  • Poor into glasses
  • Garnish with pineapple wedges
  • Serve & enjoy!

We hope you enjoyed these recipes and feel inspired to sip your way through the summer on these refreshments!

Written by Emilie Berbrier

Stop BSL

They don’t call them a man’s best friend for no reason…. If you’re a dog lover like I am, then I’m sure you’ve heard of the unsettling dispute regarding the discrimination against pit bulls. If you haven’t then I will give you a little insight into this latest devastation. About three weeks ago, a Montreal woman was attacked and killed by her neighbors dog who reportedly was new to the area and had escaped through a hole in the fence. When a neighbor from the area heard noises, he immediately called the police, who then rushed over to the scene to take action. According to a source when the police officers arrived to the scene, they stated that the only way they could approach the injured woman safely was to shoot the dog right on the spot.

Without a doubt, this situation is extremely upsetting and unsettling for many reasons. My thoughts go out to the family members of the woman who was murdered as well as the owners of the dog who was shot by the police.

Although pit bull attacks towards humans are extremely rare, the city of Montreal did not take this incident lightly. Last week Mayor Denis Coderre announced that the city of Montreal plans to “include breed specific legislation (BSL) as part of its solution to address the issue of dangerous dogs”. Existing pit bull owners will still be allowed to keep their dogs under certain conditions, however, Coderre has made it clear that he will force current pit bull owners to understand this position and get rid of their dogs by the end of the year.

Adult dog and puppy of the breed pit bull Isolated on white background

The Montreal SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) took a firm stance towards this issue and we couldn’t agree more. The SPCA stated “The Montreal SPCA opposes BSL because it is ineffective in making communities safer…because it supports the false premise that dogs that happen to look a certain way are inherently “dangerous”. If this law passes, that means that there will be thousands of death of well-behaved and adoptable dogs.

The biggest issue for me here lies with the morals and principals guiding their decision. Based on looks, the government is categorizing this dog as an unsafe creature to function in society and therefore is creating a strict discrimination policy. One of the major problems here lies in the fact that it can be very difficult to actually identify a pit bull by simply looking at it because many breeds have similar characteristics. If people walking along the street come across a pit bull or a dog with a similar resemblance, they will feel threatened and take action to “protect” themselves by either harming the dog or running in the opposite direction.

This type of behavior is already starting to take place. Many Montrealer’s have reported their dogs being abused and even poisoned to death by fellow society members for resembling pit bulls. I find this appalling. Innocent dogs are being beaten and tortured to death based on their looks and families are now losing one of their family members due to this negative prejudice around pit bulls.

The recent manifestation of outbursts of violence has seriously terrified me to the core. What are we showing our children and future generations to come? How are we leading by example? This BSL legislation is actually considered humorous to lawyer and animal activist Anne-France Goldwater for the fact that Quebec has sought to identify itself as an animal protector province. So how contradictory would this law be if in fact it was passed?


Pitbull Terrier PuppyHere are just a few of the many similar pictures from my portfolio:



These decisions can also be used as an example to examine how our government would act if a certain race or religion showcased some similar behavior. If someone from a specific religion or ethnicity acted inappropriately or violent towards another group, should that religion or ethnicity as a whole be shunned from society? Banned and forced to be exiled? NO. We should look at them as individuals and not make general assumptions about groups as an entirety.

Pit bulls are not dangerous. They are not attackers seeking fresh blood. They are dogs, who are loving companions. Yes, unfortunate situation do occur when dogs are put into the wrong hands or are not trained properly. Sometimes animals do crazy things, as well as humans! But this does not give us the incentive to forbid pit bull’s existence.

As a solution, I propose that dog owners should be trained on how to keep their animals under control in various settings. I do believe that certain laws and rules should be put into place when having ANY sort of dog. We should be educating and teaching our neighbors, children and strangers on the street about safety on how to approach ANY strange dog not just dogs with specific mannerisms and features.

As a dog owner myself, I never want to fear for the life of my dog or make anyone uncomfortable at the idea that my dog may be harmful to the public. My dog is my best friend and I would do anything to defend her because she is part of my family and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Join us July 16th at 11:00am to stand Against Breed Specific Legislation (BSL).

Written by Emilie Berbrier

What Should You Do On Grand Prix Weekend?

Hold up, it’s already Wednesday?? We’ve been waiting since the snow melted, and Grand Prix Weekend is finally here! With so many events to choose from, here are a few of our picks for this weekend. We’ll be sleeping approximately zero hours this weekend as we try to hit up all of these events, so make sure to follow us on Instagram (@dreamsmktg) and Snapchat (@costadinamg) to see what we’ll be up to!



Make Your Own Pizza with BEVO

The home of Montreal’s best wood-fired pizza is celebrating its 4th birthday by inviting everyone over to their curbside terrace to make your own pizza for free! A pizza maestro will be there to guide you, and we hear there’ll be free cocktails and local DJs spinning on site. It’s first come first serve and kicks off at 5pm.

Negroni Week

It’s three simple ingredients – Campari, Gin, and Vermouth – but it’s so damn good. From June 6 – 12, several restaurants/bars/terrasses will be working to make sure you get your dose of the delicious Negroni. You can check out all the locations on the website, but we’ll be soaking up the sun at Terrrasse Place d’Armes on Thursday.


The Ritz Party


This event is the swanky crown jewel of Montreal’s Grand Prix Weekend. It’ll cost you a pretty penny, but you can be sure this event will have A-list celebs, pro athletes, entertainers, and Montreal’s biggest personalities. And with Brahm Mauer Bar Services running the booze, you’ll be in for a wild night!


Monkland Street Festival


The toughest choice you will make all summer: Do you put on your bucket hat and buckle up for the rowdy, noisy, touristy downtown scene? Or do you check out the quieter, up-and-coming Monkland Grand Prix Festival? In our opinion, it’s an easy choice – especially if you’re looking for family fun. The Monkland Street Festival will run from June 9-12 this year and feature a Kidzone, live music, free yoga, sweet cars, and tons of great food!




You need to get up early for work Monday morning? So does everyone else. Get over it and come to this party (if you can). The event is invite only, with around 1,500 guests on the list – including most of the F1 drivers. The party is organized by Alexandre Brosseau of Soubois and Flyjin, and is taking place at the historic Windsor Station.